Arts & Leisure March 20, 2008

Licklog Players come from Many Backgrounds
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Micah Robinson, volunteer with the Peacock Playhouse, makes lighting adjustments for the current production, Romantic Comedy.
"This facility is one of the finest in the mountains," said 25 year old Micah Robinson, who has been a volunteer with the Peacock Playhouse for three years.

The youngest member of the production crew presently working on Romantic Comedy, Robinson has ten Licklog productions to his credit as a skillful lighting technician. Trained in networking and computer repair at North Georgia Technical College, he is a subcontractor for Kenneco Computers in Young Harris during the day. At night he makes the lights shine on many entertaining performances by the popular Licklog Players.

He's usually found perched high atop a 10-foot ladder adjusting stage lights during rehearsals and operating switches in the Lighting Booth during productions. But like many other volunteers, he's been bitten by the acting bug and gave an impressive performance as the Prosecutor in Witness for the Prosecution. In order to concentrate on his role in Witness, he turned the Lighting Booth over to his 18-year old sister, carefully guiding her with step-by-step directions as to what to do and when.

"It was the most challenging show for me," he said, "but it turned out all right. She did a good job with the lights and, as for me, being up on the stage was exhilarating."

Another important member of the Romantic Comedy production team is newcomer, Tim Frazer, an enterprising gentleman with a background in avionics, sculpture and theatre. Frazier will share the stage manager responsibilities with Kay Thomas who, like Robinson, works both on and off stage. In addition to arranging sets and coaching performers, she's appeared in a number of productions herself. Fans will remember her as one of the nosy neighbors in Bad Year for Tomatoes and as Mrs. Chumley in Harvey.

The stage will soon be set, the house lights will dim and the curtain will rise on this light-hearted comedy. Make plans now to enjoy another fine performance by the Licklog Players.

Show dates for Romantic Comedy are March 28-30 and April 4-6. Tickets will be on sale at the Peacock Playhouse box office Mon-Fri, 10AM to 4 PM beginning March 17. Adults $13, Students and Children $8. Rated PG. For further information, telephone 828-389-8632 or toll free 1-877-691-9906.