Arts & Leisure December 15, 2005

Scrooge transformed at Licklog
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Kent Barton - E. Scrooge
Photo by Micah Robinson The crotchety old fool Ebenezer Scrooge is played by Kent Barton.
"They're here"! With these words the Stage Manager announces the arrival of the performers in Doris Baizley's adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol.

When Dickens wrote this seasonal classic, he requested that the novel be sold at the lowest possible price or it would not be published. Dickens was destitute at the time and trying to support his family. He understood the hardships and gratitude that goes along with poverty. Dickens hoped all could enjoy this touching tale.

In this imaginative play within a play, a troupe of nineteenth century traveling players arrive amidst much fanfare and merriment while a large, mysterious box awaits on stage. As the box is opened, the story unfolds.

The troupe discovers that some important props and players are missing, but the show must go on! With assurances from the director that, we are professionals here, the troupe presses on pressing into service both willing and unwilling performers.

Melanie Barton, the actual director for A Christmas Carol, states, This cast is truly an ensemble. Each member does splendidly and conducts themselves very professionally.

Photo by Micah Robinson The cheerful Fezziwigs host delightful parties. They are seen here greeting one of their guests. Pictured left to right: Delila Davenport, Tom Payne, Tootoo Cirlot.
"One of the exciting challenges of this production is finding a different voice for the different characters in the play," states TooToo Cirlot, who is the gleeful Mrs. Fezziwig as well as Christmas Present and the Charitable Woman. Virtually every performer plays multiple characters, as was common in an old English traveling troupe.

As the Christmas Spirits work their magic and warm the heart of Ebenezer Scrooge, they are sure to warm the heart of each person attending this delightful, touching, and imaginative production. All of the delights of the holiday season are brought to life. It is not the presents or decorations or parties that make the holidays bright but the warmth in every heart.

Keeping with the charitable spirit of the season, Licklog Players are asking audience members to contribute an item of childrens clothing. If you are able to bring an item of clothing to be given to a thankful child, then the ticket price will be lowered to $10.00. Do not worry. Licklog understands the season is very busy. If you are unable to bring an item of clothing $5.00 of your $15.00 ticket will be donated to Far West Family Services.

Shawna Rosendale-Watkins/Sentinel photo Lynn Drost is part of the ensemble cast of Licklogs presentation of A Christmas Carol. Drost, along with others, mended, sewed, hemmed and created many of the casts costmes. Drost, from Blairsville, will carol to the Licklog audiences as well.
Box office for 'A Christmas Carol' opens on December 12th with performances running from Thursday, December 15th through Sunday, December 18th. For reservations or theater information, please contact the Licklog Players at 1.828.389.8632 or toll free or 1-877-691-9906.
Shawna Rosendale-Watkins/ Sentinel photo Christopher Drost works hard on painting and putting the Carol set together.