Chapter 1: How it started

     During a hot afternoon in the summer of 1996 I was putting dishes away and happened on a
pair of iced-teaspoons that had accidentally been left in the freezer. The ends of the handles had
frozen together, and I pulled them out and thought to myself: "what if I learned how to play
these?" During that summer I stayed well away from the heat and played the spoons in a nearby
creek, just listening to the sounds that I made and the water made as it rushed over rocks. A
legend was born.... Eh, sort of.

Chapter 2: 1997

     Where to begin during 1997? I started playing more often and with larger groups. Then I
started playing at a gas station in Brasstown every Friday night. From there, I became an
intermediate spoon-player. This was also the year that re-revised my novel and add on new
parts to it.

Chapter 3: 1998-2001

     During the end of 1998 and the beginning of 1999 my school life depleted in the eyes of the
school staff. My spoon-playing was getting ready to lead me down a different path. During this
time I later joined the "Reach of Song" and was a musician in the ensemble band scenes in the
2000 show. I made a second appearance a year later during the 2001 show and during
intermission, where I amazed the audience with my "unusual" talent.

Chapter 4: 2002

    The year started out with a new test edition run of spoons. The "Reach of Song" starts up
again later in the summer.

Chapter 5: 2003

     This year's "Reach of Song" is my last.  Maybe it's best.  I stormed out at the end of the last
show, disgusted by what I was told....  If it ever comes back to somewhere closer I may inquire,
but until then....  No more.....

Chapter 6: 2004

     This season, they're having a 'reduced cast/reduced season' Bah!  One of my friends went to
see it and it was terrible.  Quite depressing really, it really used to be something.  Lately, this year
that's what's been happening with life.  I know it will pick up again.  Just give it time.  No worries.

Chapter 7: 2005-2008

    There were a few dance gigs at which I played my red cedar wooden spoons at. Of course,
the most memorable was during the Towns County Historical Society 3rd Annual Heritage Day
Festival. I've got the strong suspicion that I'll be asked to perform again for their 4th Annual
Heritage Day Festival in May of 2009. We'll See!

Chapter 8: The Spoon-Player Takes All

    No matter how much people in educational non-imaginative mode try to put my spoon
playing down, I am still able to overcome their little and unartistic minds by doing what I do
The playing environments may be different, and so may the people, but the heart of the
will lead on. Whether I am in front of ten people or in front of five hundred, the music
the same. When it plays, the heart is filled with joy, and the spoon-player takes all.