2009 Peril at the Peacock Images
Vericose! Sunny is shocked!
Vericose! Sunny is shocked!*
Sunny is still shocked.... The murderer is revealed!
Sunny is still shocked.... The murderer revealed!*
Sweet Sunny!
Awww.... Sunny is sweet. Wait! That's how I die!!!*
Sunny Dies!
Haha! So I do kill her... Wait... That isn't in the script!*
Yikes! They're screamers!
Yikes! They're screamers!*
Vericose!!! Or was it Sunny?*
Yikes! Finger pointing!
Yikes! Finger pointing!*
We Aren't the Cast
We Aren't the Cast!*
Miss Sunny Day
Miss Sunny Day*
Mr. Hamilton Hasbin
Mr. Hamilton Hasbin*
Miss Vericose Vein
Miss Vericose Vein*
Mr. Hamilton Hasbin
Peril at the Peacock 2009 Ticket
Miss Vericose Vein
LLPAA New Director Bonny Herman

*Denotes pictures taken courtesy of Pam Roman. This was the ONLY thing at Peacock that I did during 2009.
Due to their 'policies' and the management at the time, as well as budgetary and monetary constraints and severe
lacking of employment at that junction I was forced to discontinue being involved at Peacock until something
changes.... The rest of 2009 thru January 2012.