Wood Spoon
2000 Reach of Song Images
Wood Spoon
Metal Spoons

Above:My Metal spoons.
Right: My Bio from the 2000 show booklet.
2000 Bio clip
Newspaper Photo

Photo from the Clay County Progress for the 2000 show.
Cedar Spoons with Green Hat Metal Spoons Far left: Green hat and spoons.

Left: Metal Spoons.
Red Cedar Wood Spoons Red Cedar Wood Spoons Left: Red Spoons side and top view.
Newspaper Article

Clay County Progress Story about Reach of Song 2000.
2000 Season Ticket Stub

Reach of Song Ticket Stub.
Another Spoon-Player's Autograph

A fellow spoon-players signature.
2000 Reach of Song cover Cast List

Booklet Cover and Cast/Crew sheet of 2000 Reach of Song.

Micah Robinson and Barbara Albert

Me and Barbara Albert.

Ruth Gossett with Hazel Farmer

Ruth Gossett with Hazel Farmer.
Barbara Albert, Micah Robinson, and Ruth Gossett

Barbara Albert, Me, and Ruth Gossett.
2000 ROS NC Cast Photo

NC Cast Members Photo used in Clay County Progress.
2000 ROS Church Scene

Church Scene. Bernice and Zack are praying.
2000 ROS Shape Note Song Scene

The Shape Note Song Scene.
2000 Thank You Card for set of spoons made

2000 Thank You Letter for set of spoons made during the show season.
Fall 2000 Echoes and Article Link
Click Fall 2000 Echoes for YHC Echoes magazine story on the "Reach of Song."