On the Boat: 

    This afternoon, he was just fascinated by the Dr.'s play of German life along the Canal.  After we had left the heavily industrial opening end (from the North Sea), DCF was really delighted with the heavily wooded patches interspersed with green and sometimes golden fields, little villages, and especially the people all along the way, standing by the canal, apparently with nothing more than the intent to wave at him as we sailed by.  In fact, he whispered to me a question that had crossed his froggy mind, "how in the world did they know I was coming?" of course, he could see that most of the byciclists on the path were not paying him any mind at all The pair of swans with several cygnets rather took his mind off of that slightly.  He liked the many little ducks cruising along the canal, too.

Cruising the Baltic Sea:

    Little to see outside on the Batic Sea has DCF somewhat antsy.  I've had to snatch him away, again, from the slots and a large covered container that feeds the "One Armed Bandits."