DCF Home

   And we're off! Stopping at Comfort Cafe for lunch before truly beginning
my trek across country.

   I stopped at dinner time 7pm EST, 6pm CST. Ate McDonalds in
Johnston City IL, then continued the trek onward to St. Louis!
(Recycled St. Louis Arch Pic. And why not!)

   Got a little turned around when my Garmin said to stay left and I stayed a
little 'too' left. But I did get through St. Louis! Going to spend the night here
in the Best Western 70 Inn in Foristell Missouri and finish the three more
hours to Independence Missouri tomorrow. In the meantime, the frogs have
taken over the $82.00's King sized bed while I check my IRC.

   Tonight on Masterpiece Theater.... Froggy Adventures!

   Slept well, considering it was an unfamiliar bed. was up at a quarter of
ten and checked out before eleven! It was too late for the continental
breakfast, but I did have to stop in Wright City for brunch, since they had
not flipped to the lunch/dinner menu yet.

   On the road again! I ought to be there in about three hours!

   Made it the rest of the way in under three hours. Here's the gate!

Froggy Chair
St. Louis Arch
St. Louis Arch
Sing's Complex Gate