On the Boat: 

    I think that D's froggy heart will at least be somewhat enticed this afternoon at three when we have a seminar on Russian Folk Art.  He has mentioned some interest when I tried to explain to him about the nested Matryoshka dolls one smaller than the next and inside the last one no bigger than his froggy thumb.  He found it all rather confusing and is anxious to see it for himself.  While we wait, he seems pretty content to sit by the window watching the sun glint on the whitecaps that enliven the Baltic today.  Down the hall, they are having some sort of art auction - colorful prints, pretty modern in concept, that DCF made a few snide remarks about as we passed by on our way back from lunch.  It is pretty obvious that he lacks appreciation of some of the finer things of life.

Grandmother and DCF by pool
DCF With Ship Staff