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   I got to go on my 'summer' vacation a little bit early this year. My friend was in bad need
of needing rescue, and I know what you're thinking.... No, she's not my girlfriend. But, the
fwoggle that went with me helped me get all packed up.

    Its the tail-end of Saturday April 24th, a little after 10pm. Hitting the highway while the
weather is still condusive to travel. Froggy helped pack the essentials. The this year's
'new' laptop and other 'on-the-road' travel gear. We're off!

    A sneak peak into the Fwoggle Adventure Journal!

    Stopped to snag a bite to eat at the Waffle House in Lookout Mtn. Valley. A $6.50
meal, half a tank of gas and 1am arrives all too soon. Back on the road for as long as
the eyes and the fwoggle allow!

    Managed to keep going! Stopped twice to get gas. Once outside of Nashville and
the next stop just at the edge of New Baden IL. Taking a pause to rest the eyes and
mind for a moment and wishing that the Fwoggle could really drive so that I can take
a nap that last three hour leg of my journey.

    Of course, once I got there, a good hard nap was well in order!!! But first, some
packing piles and frog-butt.

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