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   Got on the road by Wednesday April 28th. Cats in tow.... An eventful endeavor to say
the least! Stopped once to get gas and diagnose that an unpacking, at least a partial
one, was necessary to extricate Soji from under the passenger seat. We stopped for
dinner and dinner for the kitties as well! There weren't too many eventful camera-worthy
moments in Independence aside from the random candid packing photos. For instance,
a ready to be packed up Sylvester sleeping on top of a to-be-packed-up pile. Or perhaps
a Soji meowing at the window after having knocked down the sheets covering it as a
curtain. He wants to see out! Or the cutely posed Sylvester in his travel harness.

Teh Singehz!
Fwoggle Computing
Snoozing Sylvester
Soji Meower
Sylvie Harness