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   Got on the road by Wednesday April 28th, a little last minute packing. Cats in tow....
Speaking of cats in tow, here's Sylvester cool as a cucumber in the back seat on a
caving-in box where he spent a good deal of the journey back to Young Harris. That
picture of him was taken when we stopped at the McDonalds in Caseyville Illinois.

    Later on we simply had to stop for the night as the designated driver was yet again
exhausted beyond all belief from having driven a good portion of the day! So, snoozy
time in Oak Grove Kentucky at a very nice room at the Days Inn. We were lucky too,
because this was the very last, and I mean very last room they had.... It was a smoking
room, but that was alright.... We substituted smoking for two kitties!

    Book smart! Book with Fwoggle.... Dot COOOOOM! Err.... Sorry, couldn't help it.
It really ought to be more like a Geico commercial. (For Upper Right.)

    Lastly, Sylvester, why does that motel lamp smell so good? (Bottom Right.)

Fwoggle Geico Gecko
Fwoggle Packing
Packed Up Sylvester
Snoozying Singehz
Sylvie Harness