I've seldom seen DCF so agitated as he became late today.  He was peacefully watching the sky and sea when all of a sudden he cried out, "where did it go?" the sun, a large red ball, had slipped below the horizon and the little fellow was just distraught that he'd never seen it again.  I managed to soothe him somewhat with stories of earth and that the sun went to the other side.  I'm not sure he believed me, but my calm demeanor must have had some effect on D since he soon fell asleep, tired after a long day of cruising.  He commented sleepily just as his eyes were closing, "you know, this vacationing is really hard work."

    Morning again, and D woke early, grumbling that he thought he was growing thin and frail.  When asked why, he said, "well, yesterday we ate fish and then ate fish again for dinner.  I feel like I'm turning into a fish."  I chuckled.

We went up to look for breakfast only to find that we had forwarded our clock once too often - and it wasn't even time for breakfast.  D was a bit miffed to learn that he could have slept for another hour.

    DCF was not much impressed by the modern town of Tallin.  He rather fancied the spires and battlements of the old town on the hill.  The imaginative little fellow has quite a thing about knights and dragons, anything that is part of the world of the past.  He seems very aware that his ancestors go back in time at least as far as mine - and maybe even longer.  Our bus was unable to travel the old town so D had to content himself with peeking at an old tower through the open hatch at the top of the bus.  Our guide was most insistent that we know how many people would come each yearto the folk arts festival - D saw a group of little girls in their native costumes with colorful ribbons fluttering from their head dresses.

DCF Eating Grits
DCF With Tallin Brochures In Tallin