The next morning we were going to the Hermitage.  D was still at the window.  DCF was amazed that some of the ship workers worked on Sunday.  Here, people just don't work on Sunday.  At some point during the afternoon, a large red cargo ship pulled into the space next to ours and was off-loading large rolls of wire.  DCF was happy that he hadn't gone to the Hermitage and gotten sore feet and ankles from all of the walking that we had done that afternoon.  After a while, we went down to check out the Russian trinkets that were on sale.  On the way, we ran into some friends and had a glass or two of wine.  Off to dinner, and the best part of dinner...  dessert.  Strawberries with vanilla ice cream.  After dinner we moseyed on back to our cabin and called it an early night.
DCF On Grass In Tallin Estonia
DCF Eating Dessert