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Carol Sellers Baby Book (With notations about Carol & Molly)

Baby Book Cover
What: Carol's Baby Book Cover

David Sellers has this book.
Inside Front Cover
What: To Mary Carol
From Aunt Alma
Jan. 7, 1947

David Sellers has this book.

Title Page
What: Carol's Baby Book Title Page

Year by Year Story of Our Baby
Designed by Cecile Lamb
Copyright 1941
Whitman Publishing Company Racine, Wisconsin
No. 10 Printed in U.S.A.
David Sellers has this book.
Birth Information Page
What: Carol's Birth Information Page

Our Baby arrived December 7, 1946
at 2:15 o'clock p.m. at
St. Mary's Hospital
Mother: Bettie M. Sellers
David Sellers has this book.

Our Baby Was Named
What: Our Baby Was Named Page

Mary Carol for Grandmother Sellers and for
Christmas Carols.
Sponsors: Donna & Noel Jackson
Church: First Methodist Church, Athens GA
Clergyman: Rev. R.C. Singleton
Date of Christening: Aug. 3, 1947
David Sellers has this book.
Measurements at Birth:
Weight: 7 lbs. 6oz.

Identification Marks:
Color of Eyes At Birth: Deep Blue
Color of Hair: Blonde
Brows: Blonde
Lashes: Blonde
Complexion: Pink

Daddy's ears and a pug nose like her mama's.

Letters from Grandmother Sellers, Grandmother Mixon,
Great-Grandmother Pursley.

First Visitors:
Mrs. Wilkes
Audrey Anderson
Wilmer & Frances
Julia Talbot

Article & From Whom
Baby Book - Aunt Alma
Silver Spoon - Aunt Etta & Uncle Hamby
Ring - The Wilkes
Bathrobe - Nan
Blanket - Aunt Leila
Shoes - Polly
Blanket (") - Hamby & Jerry
Booties - Audrey
Silver Spoon Carol
Bootees The Lammi's
Dresses Rose
Doll Singleton's
Sweater Runette
Cap & Mittens Great Grandmother
Sweater (") Macy  

Baby Appearance & Gifts
What: Baby artwork restored from Pages 4-5

David Sellers has this book.
Restored Presents Page Footer
What: Baby Book Presents Page Restored. Rest of page too faded.

David Sellers has this book.

First Discoveries Page
What: First Discoveries Page

Grasped objects: Three Months
Discovered own hand: Three Months
Recognized mother: Four 1/2 Months
Recognized Father: Four 1/2 Months
First Words first said "Daddy" Five Months.
First said "Mamma" Eight Months.
Other first words - 'Hey there'
First put words together: 'Hey There', 'Hey Mama',
'There it is' - Ten Months.
At 18mos., Carol talks all of the time.
David Sellers has this book.
First Steps:
Sat up alone: Four Months
Notation: David 8mos.

Crept: Five Months
Stood alone: 10 Months
Notation David 8mos.

Walked: 11 Months
Climbed 12 Months

First Merry Christmas Spent at home in Athens.
Visitors on Christmas Day were Mr. & Mrs. Wilkes
and Virginia

Rattle - Great Grandmother
Bib - Aunt Marie
Ring - Martha
Stuffed Lamb - The Wilkes

First Happy Birthday:
Celebrated with Donna & Noel Jackson. They came over, we
lit the candle and sang "Happy Birthday." Carol ate a little bit
of cake.

Those present:
Donna & Noel Jackson

Dress, Tam & Mittens - Great-grandmother
Book - Grandmother Mixon
Blocks - Aunt Marie
Wash rag - Cousin Murray
Ball - Mother
Doll - Daddy
3pr. socks - Wilkes
Dress Hanger & Toy Fish - Donna & Noel Jackson
Carol Sellers   David Sellers
Who: (L)Carol Sellers, (R) David Sellers
Where: Country home outside Athens, GA
When: 1947+

David Sellers has these photos in the baby book.
Next two pages are Family Tree, they are incorporated
into the Contents and pdf Tree file.

The First Haircut:
Date: Oct. 5, 1947
Age: 10mos.
Place: At home - Cut by Mother.

Carol's first real hair cut was given to her
at Carson's Shop by Mr. Michael.
She had a dutch bob there on July 9, 1948.
Carol behaved like a lady. She looks like a
little girl now.

David has long hair - at 8mos., he has had
three haircuts and needs another.
Baby's Second Birthday:
Carol had a little party. It was celebrated with cake and
two candles. Those present were Mother, Daddy & Carol.

Rocking Chair - Mommie & Daddy
Horse, Socks & Panties - Gran & Granmama.
Blue Cap - Grandma Sellers
Blue Corduroys - Great G'ma
White Shirt - Meme & Harry
Panties - G'ma Wilkes
Ball - Aunt Guinn

Play Days:
Favorite Toys:
Rubber Doll & Stuffed Lamb,
also spools on a string.

At eight months a plastic spoon.

Favorite Activities:
Jumping in the pen.

At 19 months, Carol loves the train and wants to go to
the station every night to see the 'Silver Comet' go thru.
Record of Baby's Teeth:
First tooth appeared June 13, 1947
Second tooth June 15, 1947

A kitten was received in the summer of 1949.
Given by Grandmother Mollie.

Carol loves the kitten, plays with them as though
they were children. She is very gentle with them.

Prayers Remarks:
At 18mos., Carol sits at the table and helps to say the blessing.

The Fourth Birthday:
We celebrated with ice cream and a green birthday cake
with coconuts and candles on it.Those present were
Mother, Daddy, Carol & David.

Three dresses
Bedroom Slippers
Bunny on Back Cover
Heights & Weights Chart
What: Heights and weights of Carol, with notations about David and Molly on either side, respectively.

David Sellers has this book.

David Sellers & Carol Sellers
Who: (L-R) David Sellers, and Carol Sellers.
When: Someone's 3rd Birthday.

David Sellers has this photo.

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