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Bettie Cosby Mixon Sellers' Digital Baby Book Gallery*!

Cover of Baby Book
What: The Cover of Bettie Cosby Mixon's Baby Book.*
When: 1926
Where: Tampa FL
Property of B.C.M.
What: The Inside page cover of Bettie Cosby Mixon's Baby Book.
When: 1926
Where: Tampa FL

'Property of Bettie Cosby Mixon'
'Griffin GA.'
This photo is in Bettie's baby book.*

Name Page
What: Name Page of Bettie Cosby Mixon's Baby Book.*
When: 1926
Where: Tampa FL

'This Book is a Record of the Baby Life of Betty Cosby Mixon'
Baby's Life
What: Baby's Life of Bettie Cosby Mixon's Baby Book.*
When: 1926
Where: Tampa FL

'Baby's Life. arranged and illustrated by Evelyn Von Hartmann'
'New York Barse & Hopkins Publishers.'

Baby's Birth
What: Baby's Birth of Bettie Cosby Mixon's Baby Book.*
When: 1926
Where: Tampa FL

'Born to Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Mixon on the 30th day of March'
'in the year of 1926 at seven o'clock p.m. in the city of Tampa Fla.'
'Baby weighed 7 1/2 lbs.'
'Signatures of'
'Father W.S. Mixon'
'Mother Mrs. W.S. Mixon'
'Doctor Nurse'
What: Baby's Birth Western Union Telegram.*
When: March 30, 1926
Where: Tampa FL

'Received at 1432 Franklin St. Equitable Hotel Phone 2888'
'54MP P 8'
'HARTWELL GA 920A MAR 30 1926'
'ETTA 1007A

G.T. Pursley Letter
What: Letter from G.T. (George Turnbull) Pursley*

'Letterhead: G.T. Pursley & Company Cotton Merchants Griffin GA'
'April 3, (19)26 Bettie Cosby Mixon My dear little grand-daughter.'
'How I would like to see you and play with you tell your mama to hurry'
'up and bring you to see me now be a good little girl and make them'
'give you lots to eat so you will grow. We all are so proud to have you'
'and we hope you will grow up to be a fine woman and be a blessing to'
'your papa and mama and always serving the lord. Now don't let your'
'grandma eat you up for she is crazy about little girls with lots of love'
'from your granddaddy G.T. Pursley.'
Letter Card
What: Letter from Clara Henderson*

'My Dear Little Betty Cosby'
'I can im-agine how sweet-and dainty you look -'
'only wish I could take you in my arms and tell you -'
'that I love you - precious little darling - Lovingly -'
'Clara JL Henderson'
'Griffin GA April 15 - (19)26

Bettie Cosby Mixon was baptized at grandfather and
grandmother Pursley's. Those present were Mother and
Dad, Grandmother and Grand-Father & Great Grandmother.
(Mamie Pitts Pursley), Uncle Hamby, Aunt Etta,
Edna & Hamby Jr. Mother Barton and Lurita Barton.

Footnote for image on Right:
'Baby's Name'
'On this 25th day of Dec. 1926 the name of'
'Bettie Cosby Mixon was bestowed upon our'
'Baby, the sacrament being administered by'
'J. Hamby Barton clergyman in the presence of'
'godfather godmother.'

First Outing:
Baby's first outing was given on the sixteenth day
of April in the year 1926 by mother & grandma.

This was to tea at Mrs. Mick's our next door neighbor,
mothers new-found friend from Canada
What: Bettie's baptism.*
When: December 25th 1926

Mother's Notes:
Grandmother Cosby, Uncle hamby Barton, Aunt Etta, Cousin Edna
and Hamby Barton jr. and Aunt Marie came to FLa to see Bettie
Cosby June 23, 1926. After spending a few days at Gibson, or all
spent a week at Bradenton Beach, all left for Georgia July 4th taking
Bettie Cosby and mother with them. Mother and baby went to see
Grandmother and Grandfather Mixon for a few days. Bettie Cosby took
Whooping Cough, she and Edna had quite a time whooping together.

Baby's First Word: Mama
Happened: Age 5 1/2 months.

Baby loves out-of-doors in FLa. She and mother have many good times
with Bettie in the carriage.

First pair of shoes: July 10th 1926
Given to her by: Grandmother Cosby
Baby's First Tooth: Discovered on Sept. 30th 1926 when she was 6mo.
Bettie 1yr old
Who: Bettie at One year Old
When: March 30th, 1927
What: Photographs page in Bettie's Baby book.*

First Birthday: March 30th, 1927
Embroidered Dress - Marie
2 Embroidered Dresses - Grandmother Cosby
Bib Pen - Great Grandmother
Cap Bows - Barton's
Embroidered Dress & Socks - Mother

Baby's First step was taken when she was 9 1/2 months old.

First Christmas 1927
A visit and tree at Grandfather Pursley's
A visit to Grandfather Mixon's.

Bettie Cosby was dedicated to the W.C.T.U. (Women's Christian Temperance
Union.) June 27th at the First Methodist Church in Griffin GA.

Sept. Bettie Cosby went to the circus.
She enjoys telling about the animals and the show-girls.
Grandmother Cosby made her a rag-doll with long legs that she calls
the show-girl. She loves her dolls. One she calls George Pursley and
the other one is Baby Moses.

First Prayer was 'Thank you' prayers. At 5, Bettie learned The Lord's Prayer.
Moved to GA February 1927.
Went to first party given for the Miller children by their
grandmother Mrs. White June 7th, 1927 which was
Great Grandmother Pursley's 75th birthday. Nurse
Nellie and Hamby Barton jr. went with Bettie Cosby
to the party.

Age 3mo. - 14lbs.
Age 6mo. - 18lbs. 2oz.
Age 1yr. - 24lbs.
Age 12yrs. - 138lbs. Height 63 1/4in.
Age 14yrs. - 156lbs. Height 66in.

Bettie loved the chickens and at ten months old enjoyed
saying "hear a chicken" later enjoyed saying "Sook a there"
and at fourteen months old said "ah me its good" whenever
she liked anything.

Sept 30, 1927 Bettie Cosby is learning to talk rapidly. Makes
sentences and knows the meaning of many words. She can
tell you her mom's, her dad's and her grand-daddy's names.

Sept. 5, 1932 at County High in Spalding County near
Griffin GA, Bettie Cosby started school. Her teacher was
Miss Patrick and her principal was Mrs. W.T. Scott

December 29, 1927, Bettie enjoyed her second Christmas at
Grandmother pursley's and Grandmother Mixon's. Had many
thrills over the christmas trees and presents. She knows the
picture of the Baby Jesus and Mamma mary. She asks for
Aunt Etta and Mother to sing "Holy Night." She can say
many Mother goose rhymes and sing little songs. She saw
Santa Claus at the S.S. Christmas Tree, said "I like Santa Claus"
and tells about his shaking hands with Bettie.

Who: (Left Photo) Bill Mixon Jr., Eddie Mixon, Bettie Mixon
(Right Photo) Eddie Mixon at Age 3.
When: (Left Photo) March 30th 1931, (Right Photo) 1939
What: Mother's Notes page in Bettie's Baby book.*

Bettie Cosby Mixon - March 30, 1926
William Skeen Mixon Jr. - July 14, 1928
Guinneta Mixon - October 13, 1930
George Roland Mixon - November 18, 1932 - August 16, 1940
Charles Edward 'Eddie' Mixon - August 14, 1936
 Mixon's and Pursley
What: Photographs page in Bettie's Baby book.*
Who: (Top Left Photo) Bettie Cosby Mixon at 8.
(Top Right Photo) Mildred Cosby Seale Pursley.
(Bottom) (Front Row L-R)
George Roland Mixon, Guinnetta Mixon
(Middle Row L-R) William Skeen Mixon Jr., Bettie Cosby Mixon.
(Back Row L-R) (Baby) Charles Edward Mixon,
William Skeen Mixon, Mamie Rebecca Pursley Mixon.
When: (Top Left Photo) 1934, (Top Right Photo) 1934?
(Bottom) 1937

Baby Guinn Mixon
Who: Guinnetta Mixon.
What: Photographs page in Bettie's Baby book.*

George Mixon
Who: George Roland Mixon.
When: Christmas 1933

This photo is in Bettie's Baby book.*

Who: (Top Row) Bettie Mixon, Bettie Mixon, Guinnetta Mixon
(Bottom Row) Eddie Mixon at 9mo., Bettie Mixon.

Photographs Page in Bettie's Baby book.*
Who: (Left Photo) Eddie Marie Pursley Harry.
(Right Photo) Mildred Cosby Seale Pursley.
When: 1939
What: Photographs Page in Bettie's Baby book.*

The Mixon's
Who: (L-R) William Skeen Mixon, (Baby) Bettie Cosby Mixon,
Mildred Cosby Seale Pursley
When: April 5th, 1926
Where: Tampa FL

This Picture is Located in Bettie Mixon's Baby Book.*

The Mixon's
Who: Roland Gwinn 'Papa' Mixon, Lillie Belle 'Mama' Andrews Mixon
When: 1937
Where: Rico GA

This Picture is Located in Bettie Mixon's Baby Book*

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