#Atlantis - Atlantis Mark II:

The Island:

*All images of Atlantis belong to Stargate Atlantis / Scifi Channel and are just used as
rough reference tothe #Atlantis / #jenhome version that does share some resemblance.

    Jen's new island is of equal mystery to the old one, but with new and different twists.
While the old island was mostly a 'natural' looking island, Atlantis Mark II is a stark
contrast with its tall and majestic towers of gleaming metal and glass. Atlantis Mark II,
from now on referred to as just Atlantis as Jen's old island wasn't ever technically called
Atlantis except by Micah and the other Council of Fire members. A few of Atlantis'
prominent features are its Waterfall Tower, its Primary Control Tower, and of course,
the rescued mansion from which Jenneane and crew arrived by it which is now safely
housed within a ship bay and accessed through small dome with doorway on the South
East Pier.

    The island itself consists of 6 individual piers. Usually named by their operating
procedure call letters. N, NW and NE, S, SW and SE. Atlantis is the rough equivalent
in size to the continent of Australia. Atlantis is roughly snowflake in design and has
many buildings and towers that dot its platform-like surface. Atlantis has an approximate
internal volume comparable to the entire city of Manhattan, including every building.
Much like The Ancient City Ship from Stargate Atlantis, but with only vague similarities.

    The Atlantis defenses consist of a powerful city encompassing shield and defense
laser arrays all of which is powered by a Storm Core. A power system comparable to
The Eye of Harmony from Doctor Who. It is a nearly inexhaustible power source that is
both clean running, self regenerating, and self regulating. Since all of the fragments of
the Storm Core have been reunited, the Storm Core actually grows when it is nearly
drained of power. The core would require the subspace travel of Atlantis to Andromeda
and back with every shield, and every light within Atlantis to be running for it to use
1/3 of the Storm Core's full potential power output. As such, the Storm Core could
power Atlantis and the whole island of Manhattan for five years if every light and utility
was run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, etc. etc!

    Atlantis also houses corn fields, armory, clone barracks, three separate ship bays.
Housed in the bays: one super-yacht, one warship 'The Soyokaze', and the jumpers.
Other ships have often been stored in these bays as well. Atlantis also has long and
short range sensors. Long and short range teleportation capabilities. Sophisticated
computer systems with mainframes often referred to as 'Mainframe Columns' as they
are based primarily on crystaline 'column' shaped structures. Atlantis also now features
a fully integrated maglev train system that also connects to rail established on Mars
circa 2010 (Present year +1) Second picture, first row.

    While it is often referred to as 'Jenneane's' Atlantis, this Atlantis is actually now run
primarily by Phoenix, Jen's only birth daughter.