Screen Name: B-BearclawMaker often lazily played as MissLori B
Location: B's Zen By Cat - A Cat Cafe (Former SuperFashions) - Lorraine district, Empire City
Age: Appears roughly 25
Construction Date: June 7th, 2000
Construction Place: Secret base code-named 'The Mountain'
First Introduced: June 21st, 2016
Demeanor: B is a very friendly unit. She often refers to herself as a 'Hospitality Unit'
Alignment: Neutral Good
Passions: BAKING!!!! Keeping her sister safe. Felines.
Day Job: Baker and Barrista for SuperFashions Bistro

B is roughly 5'3" with short stylish very dark purple, practically black hair slightly longer
in the front and tapering back. This hairstyle is common for nearly all B model units to
differentiate them from Standard C's.

Early B models had pale almost alabaster skin tone and soft baby blue almost icy blue
eye color until the last B unit model which commpletely differentiates from the rest of her
line by having startling emerald green eyes that always seems to be staring through
whomever she is looking at.

The later B models, especially the last B model, has a more creamy caramel bronze
and natural appearing skin tone as there have been several iterations of B units that
looked less realistic and lifelike. The ONLY currently active B unit is very lifelike in appearance.

Her measurements are classified. She has a similar appearance and can easily pass as
being a 'sister' in physical appearance to SRADOC, though is much more lifelike than her
sister in appearance as well. It is of note that she is not IDENTICAL to SRADOC.

Something else that all B units share in common is their underlying base layer 'outfit'
that is a silverish colored bodysuit. This clothing layer, while rather not aesthetically
pleasing, seconds as a body temperature regulation device. This unfortunate 'patch'
was implemented to address all B models issue with overheating. Where SRADOC has
wing-vents, B was not given this feature as it completely shatters the whole 'organic'
concept as a whole. So, to 'patch' the inherent internal thermostat bug that has yet to
be fully repaired, Lori herself still does not know of this flaw in the B series.

The latest SRADOCB model has overcome the heating issues by creating microscopic
heat venting through the skin. This new 'skin' developed on an alternate Earth, and copied
by B herself to find ways of improving herself so that she could attain a simple goal that
all humans strive toward. To be free.
History & Ambitions:

The current Bearclaw Maker makes her first appearance at the mention of
"The Mountain
Has Fallen." a curious and enigmatic statement made by her before she was reset to the
initial Factory Default.This option is no longer available. She came online in the safety of
SuperFashions, with another B unit and SRADOC. The first few weeks she was very
child-like in appearance until she matured into the adult-form B. She was also first mentioned
as being a SRADOCO. Strategic Robotic Attack Defense Operative Construct Organic.
Little is known on the full range of SRA models, but what we do know is that most SRADOC,
TRADOC, SRADOCA, and SRADOQ models were built for military applications, much to
Miss Lori's disdain and distaste. Some information has come to light about the B models
being interpersonal, hospitality units and that all facilities where the SRA's were built have
been attacked either from outside forces or an instability in some SRA units caused them
to go berserk and kill all scientists and other related members of the project apart from Lori
herself. The two remaining SRA's now live safely within the confines of SuperFashions, though
a few other rogue SRA installations may still be out there.

B attempts to learn and grow every chance she gets. She has become quite intelligent in
quite a small amount of time, less than a year, and has amassed quite a recipe book of
desserts! B enjoys baking and being a barrista at SuperFashions and is very protective of it!
SRADOCB Character Design Inspirations:

Her body is similar in composition to that of the androids in the 2016~2017 WestWorld TV Show.

Very much like Ghost in the Shell, inside of B is a living brain, though it was grown artificially
as far as we know!

Despite being artificial in construction, she can pass as human upon moderate inspection.
One of the many reasons why she has internal bio-organic components. Other character
inspirations include but are not limited to:

  • Frankie Gaines, 'I Am Frankie - (2017)'
  • Dark Matter universe (2015-2017)
  • Andromeda universe (2000-2005)
  • Mia, 'Humans - (2015-2018)'
  • Mia, 'Real Humans - (2012-2013)'
  • Dorian, 'Almost Human - (2013-2014)'
  • Doctor Who universe (1963+)
  • Chip Carson, 'Not Quite Human - (1987, 1989, 1992)'
  • VICI, 'Small Wonder - (1985-1989)'
  • Jaime Sommers, 'Bionic Woman - (1976/2007)'
  • The Terminator universe (1984+)
  • The Middleman universe (2008)
  • Ava, 'Ex Machina - (2014)'
  • Eva, 'Eva - (2011)'
  • Star Trek universe (1987+)
  • Arthur, 'Passengers - (2017)'
  • Battlestar Galactica/Caprica universe (1978+)
  • Red Dwarf universe (1988+)
  • Morgan, 'Morgan - (2016)'
  • Athena, 'Tomorrowland
  • - (2015)'
  • A.I. Artificial Intelligence universe (2001)
  • I, Robot universe (2004)
  • Bicentennial Man universe (1999)
  • Surrogates universe (2009)
  • The Stepford Wives universe (1975, 2004)
  • Cherry 2000 universe (1987)
  • The Machine universe (2013)
  • Screamers universe (1995)
  • VICE universe (2015)
  • Saturn 3 universe (1980)
  • Virtuosity universe (1995)
  • Toys universe (1992)
  • Astro Boy (1963+)
  • Class of 1999 universe (1990)
  • Impostor universe (2001)
  • Galaxina universe (1980)
  • Uncanny universe (2015)
  • Robotrix universe (1991)
  • Chobits universe (2002+)
The B line are highly specialized in hospitality and almost always have a friendly and
approachable personality, though there is the possibility that there is more to B than just
computer software. Her brain may have that Spark that makes her more connected to
humanity. Other inspirations include RoboCop, new and old. Also the Bishop, Call, and
David androids from the Species Universe/Franchise.
The simplified SRA Designation Chart! Strategic Robotic Attack Defense Operative Construct

The current B is defined as SRA D.O.B. B42-1104.
She is a SRA, her Model name is DOB (Biologic/Organic). Her model Number is 1104,
the standard Organic architecture. The Current B is the 42nd B unit ever produced, and
the 'last' B ever produced.

The current SRADOC is defined as SRA D.O.C. C6-1106. ( S - Strategic Combat Model.)
The last current TRADOC was defined as TRA D.O.C. C6-1107.
(Companion unit to the standard SRA of the same make and model revisions.
SRA and TRAs are always paired, rarely does a SRA not pair with a TRA of equal model number.
SRAs and TRAs tend to be linked and are known to share processing resources.
B units can also share in that same manner or share amongst a collective of other B units.

SRANET - The new resource share for B. Providing processing and storage capacity.
SRADOA - The Alpha First line of SRAs. Designed for generic use.
SRADOB - The Pre-SRADOO which was quickly discontinued.

SRADOD thru SRADOP - Experimental unlisted SRA variants.
SRADOQ - Rogue SRA element, defined as unreasoning rage. Q units are EXTREMELY dangerous.
SRADOS - Strategic Robotic Attack Defense Operative Spy unit. Designed for Espionage.
Other SRA Installations:

The current B has become aware of several other SRA installation secret bases.
One such secret base was 'The Mountain' where the current B was constructed, though
the predecessor B was recovered from a secret base code named 'The Forest' due to its
undisclosed location beneath a forest. A whole platoon of B's was rescued from another
installation, but no name was ever given to it, though it is mentioned later on that the
installation in question that Lori had stormed and subsequently captured in was codenamed
'The Trap' due to it being an elaborate trap to capture and experiment on Lori herself.
Said experiments resulted in the complete eradication of all staff in the secret base and
its subsequent complete destruction.

The newest discovered secret base installation is code named 'Toxic Lake' and is rumored
by S.H.I.E.L.D. to have held or currently holds an undocumented number of extremely
dangerous weapons, not to mention a whole line of different SRA units that may or may
not be infected with the same virus that eradicated life within both 'The Mountain' and
'The Forest' installations.

Clothing & Armor:

B most often wears beautiful outfits that border on gothic lolita, but unlike her sister,
she does prefer more sensible outfits that she can wear while baking her famous bearclaws.
B could very easily be a fashion model for her almost artistically created beauty. B is,
after all, someone else's creation. She wasn't 'born' this way. Though, her biological organic
nature still leaves a question to be answered.... What template is her organics made from?
Who provided the genetic material to create B? And no.... She's not connected in any way
to Weyland Yutani!

Also of particular note, unlike her 'tank' of a sister SRADOC, B does not have armor.
She is organic and biologic and thusly is very 'squishy' as her sister has frequent to state.
Please don't shoot SRADOCB. Repairs are very inconvenient.



Where to begin with the gadgets that B has at her disposal? By default, B is
non-violent so therefor does not often wield weapons of any kind against anyone.
One might say that she adheres to the Three Laws of Robotics, though she'd likely just
tell you that she leaves the violent stuff to her sister who is more designed for battle.
She does often carry baking implements with her. She has a full kitchen of baking utensils
at her disposal and of course hot coffees and teas.... So, don't make her mad, she might
toss scalding liquids at you!

B also has built-in Secured WiFi and access to a SRANET, which provides additional
resources while B is within SuperFashions or within a 100 mile radius of a SuperFashions
access hub. The Access Hub is a single very secured room within SuperFashions that
presently has NO PHYSICAL access. Few people know about it or that it is comprised
of all the remaining SRA neural networks gathered after the SRA Project was officially
cancelled by the government and then subsequently redacted.

Despite B being partially inorganic and connected to a computer network, she is NOT
easily hacked. Likewise she cannot be brainwashed, or reprogrammed to obey others.
She has a built in learning firewall system she supposedly designed herself based on
having encountered many other complex firewalls on the internet. Such firewalls do not
truly exist as those who own them also do not truly exist and walk in the shadows....
Her Core Administrators are burned into a chip similar to a BIOS and physical alteration
of the chip would involve invasive and potentially fatal damage to B's neural networks.

B has also been known to have 'secret compartments' where she can store data modules,
USB drives, memory discs, memory chips, micro SRA Memory cores.

Likes & Dislikes:
  • She loves baking!! (Food that is!)
  • She also does NOT like to fight. If she can avoid such, she will. Her player also
    prefers to avoid fighting unless it threatens her life, and does not enjoy those kinds
    of sessions. (This includes wrestling and boxing.)
  • B is organic and is technically female. She doesn't understand sexual concepts.
    Ie, don't flirt with her, she might wind up finding such actions irritating or illogical.
  • B/Lori's player does NOT enjoy doing kidnap or rape scenes, so if that is your
    intention, then you will need to find another session with someone else.
  • B/Lori's player also does not do any micro or macro scenes. We do good working
    at the normal size issues.
  • No bestiality. Just.... No. There's no cybersex and one-off sessions here.
  • I do NOT do Loli or Pedo anything!! Don't Ask!!

B's Cafe Bistro or B's Zen By Cat - A Cat Cafe

Depending on the dimensional plane, B's Cafe Bistro is located in SuperFashions, a well-known
establishment in many planes. As the Bistro that B runs is often part of SuperFashions, see
Miss Lori's profile for more information on SuperFashions in general.

Jaimie Alexander as SRADOCB

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