Screen Name: Cally

Appearance and History:
Cally is 5'10' tall. For a catgirl of her size, her measurements are a little below normal due to her
athletic build. She's a size 10. 35/27/37. Her breasts are a modest D, but she's a catgirl and they're
pleasantly bouncy. She's well endowed top and bottom and enjoys wearing little or no clothes at all.
Cally was amongst a group of mangy catgirls that were bought by Thornsbloom Estates.
Cally was first introduced in #thornsbloom December 14, 2006 and has been played there and in
#jenhome since then. Always playful, watch out for this catgirl, she likes to run! Cally was
bought by Jenneane and brought home to the island. From one island to another island, Cally has
become quite avid in her learning, though she is not near as smart as Phoenix. Cally enjoys running.
Not long ago, Cally adopted a little neko named Goldie.

Though a green leather collar about her neck with a medallion attached naming her 'Cally' isn't
really considered clothing, it's the one thing that she always wears and never takes off. It is not
shown in the picture to the left. Usually two strips of cloth to cover her breasts and her nethers
if she feels like it.

Used As Reference
Source: ~Nenechan