Micah Anfrasis Derago Antala Sevata Nondragu Evartia Lord of the Half-Giants:

Screen Name: Earth

Appearance and History:
Earth, as he likes to be called, is shorter than his deceased twin brother Micah. The two looked identical as youths, though Micah took on a much darker appearance later in life that Earth did not. Only standing at about 9ft as opposed to his brother's 20ft. The two brothers were born in the same small village far to the north of the Dragonrealm near the River Sayunea. His town of birth, Amaerduin (meaning land of many giants in his native tongue). As the Scholar of his generation, he is versed in many of the old songs and has a deep rich bass to baritone ranged voice. In days past, he was an avid collector of genealogy texts, especially that of his own House lineage, though his brother was responsible for knowing the Evartia lineage. He also enjoys sketching, painting and juggling. His large red scraggly beard is roughly several inches, it is often dissheveled and unkempt. His hair is often shoulder length and a dark dirty red/brown. His eyebrows drawn slightly upward at their outer ends in contemplative quirk which draw focus to his thoughtful brown eyes.

His clothing usually consists of dark brown or black cottons and softened leathers. His simple handcrafted boots, a dark black leather with likewise black leather laces. His large white billowy shirt looks to have come from an old ship sail. Under that shirt, is often other thinner shirt layers

Extremely Low Level Fire-magics.
Mid low Level Earth-magics.
Base level Rune and protective spell knowledges.

A Brother Betrayed:
At some point in his life, he was betrayed by his brother and supposedly killed. Though, his mind was carted off and tossed into a jar deep within the Heart of Atlantis and left there for some undetermined amount of time. It is later revealed that it is his essence that is tossed into a simulacrum of some sorts while his body is stolen and used for diabolical purposes by his exiled brother who later was killed by Earth's fellow family and friends on Atlantis. Despite his brother's betrayal, he is grateful to have found his daughters, despite the way in which one of them was revealed to be his daughter. Jasmine Barklay and Lorelei Everfield. Both have suffered under the Evartia abandonment curse, a curse that many on Atlantis hope to one day break.

Pocket contents:
He often wears a large jacket or vest that contains a large assortment of items.
An enchanted pocket-watch that shows the placement of what he calls planets given to him by elves. Numerous chalk sticks and a large worn sketchbook.Numerous gold and silver coins as well as a vast assortment of crumbs left behind by certain someones who like to inhabit his pockets.

Personal riches:
After his brother's defeat, he gained all of his brothers wealth. Both the good and the bad. He has been quietly dealing with the shame and dishonors of that wealth and returning what of that ill-gotten wealth could be easily returned. The rest, and specifically that magical bar of silver.... The said bar of silver that replicates itself every day unless touched by the hands of someone other than himself.... Is now quietly housed in one of Atlantis' greater monetary store vaults along with the several trillion in other rare metals, coins etc.