Screen Name: Erador or Era
Approx. 300

Appearance & History:
Erador, once Madeline several hundred years ago. After her home village was attacked by
the Aun`Tach. The Aun`Tach was a small clan of war-like beings who lived in the Northern
brush country roughly a week's ride North from Madeline's home town of Baerunz. After the
decimation of Baerunz, Jenneane learned of the Aun`Tach's attack on Baerunz and
decimated the Aun`Tach's village. Burning it to the ground along with all it's inhabitants
thusly wiping out the Aun`Tach. Historical documents of the time point to the year 382 as
the year in which Baerunz fell, and 383 was the year that the Aun`Tach disappeared from
further sightings.

Her clothing is usually a simple dress which varies from day to day.

Erador has the ability to change shape. Normally into that of a horse, or winged horse.
She also has the ability to travel through fires much like Jen does.

Picture Owners:
Sayuri Anzu