#jenhome Atlantis Mark I:

The Island:

    Jen's home, very much like Jen herself, is unique. An island, that is not an
island at all. It too is a magical construct, a construct that does not exist in
this plane of reality. It exists in the realm of fire. The realm of earth, and the
realm of fire overlap overlap in a miniscule thread called the 'bridge of fire.'
In this miniscule overlap, the Isle of Jenneane exists. It can be felt from both
sides, but exists wholly in neither. Even though it is not visible or accessible
from the outside planes, those that are on it can freely leave by any means.
From the outside, one can sense the island and Jen's presence if she is on
the island. However, neither the outside nor the inside can verbally communicate
with the other. For all intents and purposes, the island does not exist.
The two defined means of entering the island are a Jenneane defined door
made of metal, and the other being through any fire, with the company of
Jenneane. Those with the ability to traverse fire, can get to Jen's fire, but must
have her presense to pull free and onto Jen's island. I.E. Jen must reach into
the fire and pull them out. Brute force attacking the island results in an equal
and opposite resistance to the attack. The 'shield' reflects the force in the
attack, back upon the attacker. Using magic to 'sneak' into the island will
result in, not access to the island, but the plane on the other side, not the
overlap. One might find themselves either in the plane of fire, or simply through
the 'barrier' and out the other side of the earth plane. When this has been done,
the 'hole' created will stay open roughly a minute and will then close.
The island's barrier is created by this overlap.