Jenneane Amradgius*:

Screen Name: Jenneane
Name: Jenneane Amradgius* from the Circus she was in, though this name is unused.*

Age: Appearance 27, actual age depends on year setting. In 476, Jen is 924 In 2007, Jen
is 2455, future years, age is according to regular year increments.

Catch Phrase: "Everything burns. Everything."

Roleplay Likes/Dislikes: Dislikes playing ring fights or one-on-one invincible fights.
Enjoys light adventure involving some killing, if in self defense of playing party members.
Will not play centaurs or other animals. No toilet scenes, no paid hits. Usually no large
vs. miniature person domination scenarios. Jen is considered Dom and is played as such.
Sub scenes are seldom, if at all. No scenes involving defecation.

Basic Description: Jen is 6'11". Yes, 6'11". Well tanned, serene green eyes, and coppery
hair slightly longer than her shoulders. Unless otherwise stated in post, she normally wears
a soft brown leather bodysuit outfit. This outfit is part of Jen. About her right wrist, a swirling
blue tattoo, normally hidden by her outfit's sleeves.

History and Composition: Most often, she is in her human appearing form, though she does
have two other forms that she has been seen in.

1. One is her normal hearth self, either being a pair of green eyes or a face of sorts.
2. A column of white fire....
3. Her human form, Jenneane. She is 1/3 Earth Elemental and 2/3 fire/earth elemental.
(Others with Elemental or magic senses or part Elemental themselves can detect Jen.)

The Council of Fire: Her creators, called 'The Council of Fire' conspired during a war many
eons ago to create a magical weapon to stave off the onslaught of a long forgotten enemy.
A magical weapon created in three segments. Jenneane, 'The First'; The Queen, 'The Second';
and Kurai, 'The Third'. When the war was over, and the body count came in, the council was
destroyed. Many of the members fled back to their own nations. A council made up of
thirteen members.

Thirteen faces around the dais were.... Each
a different race, and color, and mind....
Each to his own desires created fire of mind
and soul. Each to his own desires created
fire of mind and essence. As the war of
darkness encroached upon the lands of the
Erentheil, the thirteen came. Gathered round
the dais upon her[Jen's] island home. Called
forth the earth and fire to create her. Each gave
her part to create an essence, an essence within
the construct. They left it within that diamond.

1. Anthromorph - Grayfaul the wise (Deceased.)
2. Vampire - Snaughant the Dark (Deceased.)
3. Faerie - Eremiun (Deceased.)
4. Half-giant - Micah (Returned to his secluded home.)
5. Elf - Feanor 'spirit-fire' (Deceased.)
6. Elf - Vardai (Singular female council member. Deceased.)
7. Ent - Bregalad 'swift-tree' (Deceased.)
8. Istari - Gandalf the Grey (Deceased.)
9. Lupine - Werewolf Ereuinth (Deceased.)
10. Centaur - Aluduin the ag'ed (Still alive on the island.)
11. Dwarf - Durin (Deceased.)
12. Leprechaun - King Kreuchinamashica (Deceased.)
13. Sphinx - Erenchia the Mysterious (Deceased.)

*Micah and Alduin are played by characters already. The others are deceased before play, in
nearly all times. They can be referenced but are not played in present time.

The Queen: The first construct created did not have a will to live, and therefore became a ruby
statue. When the weapon was finally used, she supposedly ceased to be. The Queen is
mentioned several times in association to Jen in a single history text, but only in a vague two
sentence notation about the War of Darkness.

At some point, as revenge against a crime committed by her, one of the dark mages,
enemies of the light mages, all now deceased, cursed her with a dark soul. Micah made
compensations to prevent the dark soul from gaining control except in rare occasions when it
overpowers Jen. Despite it's gaining control from time to time, it only wants one thing: For Jen
not to be in pain, what it considers 'broken.'

Playing with Fiery Magic's: Her somber serene green eyes, let on very little as to her heritage.
Outside, she can be quite the fire-starter. Having the power to control fire, this talent part of her fire
elemental nature. Due to her elemental nature, Jen has the capacity to imbue herself with metal,
becoming extra dense, and nearly impervious to attacks. This also makes her more susceptible
to the cold, unless she is severely angered....

She does possess some magic, though most of it is self healing, or nature related. She has the
ability to recognize nymphs, demons, and elementals (if it is posted in their description) Fire
magic mostly involves, firestorms (only outside), flame throwing (if there is a fire source within
range of 20ft.), small to large juggling of flame balls (they extinguish upon hitting any other
surfaces.), superheating of any object not stated as being 'fireproofed in any way'. On a whole,
Jen is considered a magical construct, and is not affected by outside magical forces. She also
falls into the categories of fire mage, and Earth/Fire Elemental. Psyonic editing of her system,
though extremely difficult, can be accomplished by physical contact only. She does have mind
speech capacities for receiving, but is still in the very early stages of learning to send it.

Personal Riches: Since her days from the circus, money was not always constantly flowing in.
Nowadays, she has a relatively strong money base. Doing odd jobs and tasks for families with
unruly children, and the rehabilitation of criminals that would otherwise be executed. In later
times she may be considered a lesser known millionaire. Heavily invested in gold and silver
mines, as well as indirectly owning many metal oriented companies.

Misc. Abilities: She can shift forms, smell magic, and heal flesh (burn) wounds only. If you
have placed fire protection spells on items or things, Jen does have the ability to detect (smell)
it. She does not, however, smell all magic's.

Traveling Through Fire: She has learned, through the procession of her 'life' that she can
travel through fire. That is, travel from one fire, to another fire. There are several well-traveled
routes that she uses. Her island-home, to the tavern(s) that she visits, and several others that
vary over the course of the years. Routes that are not frequently traveled, or are of much further
distances, will often involve a longer amount of time to arrive, often she will arrive slowly and in
progressive parts.

Major Weaknesses: While in fire form, and her normal forms, she cannot handle cold, i.e.
(snow and ice). Being fully submerged, within close contact with magical or non-magical cold
source, or outside in any cold source longer than two minutes, she begins to stiffen up and
solidify into a statue until it is warm enough in the ambient environment around her. A full
magical force field of any kind, that completely encompasses her, is another way of subduing
her. (Weaknesses cannot be used within in-chat unless you specifically know about Jen and
her abilities from in-chat.)

Although magical (fire-proof) handcuffs can be used on her, that is to say a severe heat resistant
spell or severe heat resistant metal. Handcuffs that repel magic or suppress it and supernatural
things, will cause her hands to melt or fall off. Due to the fact that she is considered a magical
construct, restraining magic's, and or the suppressing of magic's will cause affected area of the
construct to destabilize. Until said suppressant, or restraining spell(s) are removed from her
close proximity, affected areas will remain dissolved. As all of her inner physical molten form is
controlled, operated, maintained, and held together by magic, breaking magic breaks down the
magic within her hands/other body part(s). Thus melting hands/body part(s)....

The Ruby Studded Handle Katana: In the first cycle of Jenneane, after she left the circus of
Amradgius, Jenneane wandered the many earthen planes in search of a purpose. In her wanderings,
she made a chance encounter with a samurai master. As the winter cold encroached upon the lands,
she needed the warmth of fire to remain 'alive.' As winter and spring passed, summer soon came
again and she had been taught as much knowledge that could be bestowed upon her by the master.

As she set about leaving, the master wished to bestow one last gift. The well-crafted katana with a
ruby studded handle.... A katana he had made himself fifty years before. A katana made from the
metal of the mountain she was created from, and forged from the fires of her creation. A katana that
he had held onto until Jenneane's arrival. For this samurai master knew the calling of the katana,
and the one for whom it called.

Erador The Horse: Though she does not often ride a horse, she does own one. More often than not
she is kept in the city stables, wandering Jen's Island, or at her own little home. She is a large black
mare named Erador. Erador, really a horribly scarred shape-shifter, is severely loyal to Jen. A life debt.
Brown eyes, and raven black hair are her common attributes in most all of her forms. She has little
vocal communicative skills, but does possess minimal mind speech capacity.

Fiery Jenneane

Anti Jenneane

Circus Jenneane