Lorencia Dautras:

Screen Name: MissLori
Age: Appears roughly 27
Birth Date: Friday, September 13th, 1895 under a full moon.
Birth Place: Bombay now Mumbai (If applicable.)
Sexual Preference: Lorencia is openly lesbian. She is NOT Bi.
Demeanor: Lori is relatively laid back and friendly to most, but can be harsh if pushed.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Passions: Lori has a passion for all things latex and rubber, expecially clothing!
Day Job : Owner and Proprietor of SuperFashions

Lori is roughly 6'1" with black hair fringed with blue most often, pale almost alabaster
skin tone and soft baby blue almost an icy blue eye color that always seems to be
staring through whomever she is looking at, an eye color that changes to an almost
dark gray color. Her measurements are subject to change according to her outfit or
her mood, but her cup size usually remains at a middle upper C.

History & Ambitions:
Lorencia originally came from Earth, in New York City. Having met with Amairei, a winged
slightly dragonish looking girl, and very skilled at weaonry.
While she was first introduced
into the Atlantis world, she has since taken up a shop of her own filled with many erotic
costumes, devices and a few of her own creations! Lorencia, or Lori as most of her friends
call her, is certainly not a submissive, nor is she really a dominant figure. She's an artist
with fabrics and ideas. Her most notable creation has to be her living latex symbiotic suits.
Suits that at first inspection are of your favorite color but can become quite a lot more!
Almost anything your imagination can conceive! Her full history is unknown, but she has
hinted on various occassions events in history that a normal person her age could not
have witnessed first hand. While differing universes and parallels occur, for the most part
Lori has always wished to have friends and continue to make profit so as to continue
providing a valuable service to heroes, heroines and all other walks of life.
Clothing & Armor:
She most often wears her own product and is often wearing a full body latex suit that
rides high on her neck, covers her hands as well as her feet. She usually tends to
wear a corset over it, either made of crushed dark purple velvet or a corset made
of latex. She tends to always wear dark colors. Dark purple, black, dark grey,
dark blue, deep violet. She believes that they are the most erotic colors and that the
bright colors only distract one's attention from the true purpose of latex. Personal comfort.
In some dimensions and paralells, her outfit is a living suit. See Symbiotic Suit for more details.

Where to begin with the gadgets that Lori can produce/make? By default, Lori is
non-violent so therefor does not make/produce weapons that are harmful in any regard.
She does often carry a clothing repair kit of sorts about her personage. Scissors, needles
thread, a bit of latex/rubber for patch jobs in the field. Normally Shop is just within a
call's reach for any tools that she may need for her trade. She has also been known to
build/repair/recreate androids and so has all the tools required for that within labs inside
the depths of Shop. Lori is one of a very few who live within Shop that has access to
any room within the confines of Shop's pocket universe from the outside universe that
she has stepped into.

Likes & Dislikes:
  • While Lori is really into latex, she is not in it for being bound up by others.
  • She also does not like to fight. If she can avoid such, she will. Her player also
    prefers to avoid fighting unless it threatens her life, and does not enjoy those kinds
    of sessions. (This includes wrestling and boxing.)
  • Changing the person meeting her is her player's preference! This is also
    an overall rule for all characters!
  • As Lori is lesbian, she does not particularly like men. This does not mean that
    her player will not play with male characters, but it does mean that the same
    actions that might occur with a femal character will likely not happen in a similar
    way with male characters. Her player's preference is to play with other females.
  • Lori's player does NOT enjoy getting kidnapped or raped, so if that is your
    intention, then you will need to find another session with someone else.
  • Lori does not often kidnap or rape any person coming into her shop. Her suits,
    on the other hand might just!
  • Lori does not often fashion herself toward micro or macro anything. So, if you are
    into either, it is more likely that her player will not interact with you as much if you
    were otherwise normal.
  • Lori will deal with non-human clients, but will not do bestiality in any form, so
    don't ask!
  • I do NOT do Loli, and if you've got questions, ASK!!!
The Symbiotic Suit:
Each symbiotic suit is different, like every grain of sand or star in the sky.
Much the same way that every person who is drawn to one or has one drawn
to them is different. Their secret desires are all the same on some base level.
The suits must be named shortly after bonding or they become in control of
the relationship they now share with the one who wears them. The suit can
choose any manner of stimulation to their wearer they choose if they are the
one in control, otherwise they can merely try to please their owner the best
way that they can.... Physical pleasure. The suits also can form into any
shape the owner desires, any texture and color.... It can also form shoes of
various normality to extremity. Gloves are a frequent appearance as are
thick and very restrictive corsets and posture collars. Hoods are also sometimes
a part of the suit. Rarely if ever, after a suit has bonded to its host, will it choose
to leave the host for any reason for extended periods of time. The suit itself, if
it does leave the body fully after bonding, usually chooses a large animal
shape to appear as and its color reverts to its primary color. The favorite color
chosen by its owner upon bonding.

Miss Lori's symbiotic suits, and regular suits alike very often alter the body to fit
the forms that they are fashioned for. Such is the nature of latex and rubber suits.
The nature of Miss Lori's suits thrive on the wastes and other excretions given off
by the human form whether male or female. While sexual excretions are the most
powerful, regular waste works just as well. This is what helps give the suit its
'Miss Lori promised lifetime guarantee.' While the suits are normally not extremely
provocative in appearance, they do not leave much to the imagination.

On several occassions, Miss Lori has stated that her own form also has a name.
It has been referenced as being called 'Michelle' though Lori and it have merged
and are only one being in some dimensional instances.
Magics, Abilities, & Powers:
While Lori has no magic of her own, that she knows of, her special suit has a
considerable arsenal of magical abilities. It has the ability to form tendrils that
can not only lift many times their own weight, but can also prevent things from
crashing into her or trying to hurt her.

In some dimensional instances, Lori's 'tendrils' can also infect clothing and/or
living flesh. Normally, the tendrils can be deflected with shielding strong enough.

The suit is also bulletproof in that the living latex can actually catch bullets,
instead of stopping them at impact. The suit could actually deflect a bullet if
aimed specifically at Lori's head or other vital organ area.

In some dimensional instances, Lori is a shape-shifter and can shift into any
form that she has seen, or touched. By general rule of thumb, Lori has stated
that she will not do this unless she has permission from the one she is shifting
into, or the person/being she is shifting into is not sentient or not alive or she
has altered it enough to meet her own needs that it is not a copy of an 'original'
pre-existing being. In these instances, Lori is affected and effected by extremes
in hot/cold as she is not flesh and blood and therefor can melt or freeze solid.
Also, in these instances, Lori does not have physical sensation like mortals do.
Also, in these instances, Lori can be stabbed/shot and not be harmed other
than having a hole in her that will take several minutes to several hours to seal
up depending on its size and location. Her shape-shifting is limited to her
physical appearance and outfit. She cannot create weapons of any sort
outside of the basic tendrils that may/may not have sharp pointy ends.

In some dimensional instances, Lori is unable to be far from Shop for any amount
of time, or is unable to leave the confines of Shop at all.

While Lori only appears to be abut 27, she has several life-times worth of
knowledge stored in that noggin of hers, so to speak. She has specific knowledge
areas including but not limited to cybernetics, robotics, and computer
artificial intelligences. She is highly intelligent in many things, but severely lacking
in some of the more modern references with movies, sports and food/drink.

Lori's Gothi Boutique (AKA 'Shop' or 'SuperFashions' or 'SF') & More:
Lori's shop is a well-known magical establishment in that it does not normally appear
on Earth to just anyone. She sells many items there to both the Atlantis customers
and to the ones who manage to find her shop on Earth. It often likes to appear between
large shop windows centered on a large support beam where a shop could certainly
have no business being located, and the inside of her shop always seems larger than
what the outside reflects when its wandering around in a mall. SuperFashions has
expanded to provide many services in addition to fetish items.

In some dimensional instances, Shop has taken up residence 'as' a physically
appearing building in certain cities. While the location 'could' be destroyed via
conventional and non-conventional means, it will not destroy Shop, but cut off
its access via that location if the main doorway area is destroyed. In all of these
dimensional instances, Lori is practically invincible within the confines of Shop,
but can be captured, melted, frozen and/or killed if outside the confines of Shop.

Within all accessible dimensional instances, SuperFashions is connected to

  • Atlantis (Home Alliance.)
  • Empire City (A merchant in and has been known to protect the city.)
  • Atom City (A merchant in and has been known to protect the city.)

Shop is not malevolent, but it can be mischevious from time to time.
Shop can be loosely described as being similar to many shows listed below:

  • Doctor Who - Shop is much bigger on the inside than on the outside.
  • Sliders - Shop can be in many different dimensions, alternate or otherwise.
  • Star Trek - Shop can be on other planets and such has been suggested....
  • Stargate - Shop can connect to other places through doors (wormholes)!!
  • Ivy Manor - Just google search 'Gwenmedia and fetish'
  • Mary Poppins/Nanny McPhee - Is always there when she's needed.
  • Farscape - Shop is alive, and sentient to a point that Lori has a bond with her.
  • Warehouse 13 - Has a secret hidden vault with dangerous items in it.
  • Friday the 13th TV Series - See Warehouse 13.

*Screencapture from Ergo Proxy

Amy Lee as Lori
Amy Lee as Lori