Micah Anfrasis Derago Antala Sevata Nondragu Evartia Lord of the Half-Giants:

Screen Name: `Micah

Appearance and History:
Micah, as he likes to be called, is normally a half-giant that is 20ft. He was born in a small village far to the north of the Dragonrealm near the River Sayunea. His town of birth, Amaerduin (meaning land of many giants in his native tongue). He is an avid musician and plays primarily the violin. From time to time he is known to play the panpipes and the harp, but he prefers playing the violin. While in Drache, he has taken up magic-smith, blacksmith, and leathersmith on the edge of town in his own self built mansion. He also enjoys sketching, painting and juggling. His large red scraggly beard is roughly several inches, sometimes it is large and is thrown over his shoulder. His hair is often shoulder length and is a dark red/brown. His eyebrows drawn slightly upward at their outer ends draw a slight attention to his dark brown eyes.

His clothing consists of a pair of cotton-looking black billowy pants. His boots, a dark black leather with likewise black leather laces. His large white billowy shirt looks to have come from an old ship sail. Under that shirt, is often a blacksmith's leather smock top.

Morphmagus - morphing size, shape, etc.
Teleporting (most of the time only when he sneezes)
A light misc magic. - sleight of hand, juggling.

Magic Wand:
Micah often has a magic wand about his person. The wand is made from Hawthorn wood and contains dragon scale powder and a phoenix feather. Said wand is often found inside his vest. He usually prefers not to use it, as he is not very proficient with it's use. Although he has on occasion used it to blow up several doors, intending on simply opening them. He also uses it to create light and teleportation with a simple 'teleporte' spell. He has used said wand at least once to create fire in the hearth of the theater. In some future event, his wand may be used for plane magic, though at this time he does not use it for either.

A Run-in with a vampire:
At some point in his life, he had been turned by a vampire. His plane magic was used to remove the curse of the vampire, but his mind retained a vast amount of the knowledge given to him. His creator was later killed by a vampire hunter. His morphing ability constantly masking his old vampire wound. Though the curse is removed, he does often take in blood of other species through a spell allowing him to gather strengths. Several strengths taken on so far are: night vision, minimal strength increase.

Pocket contents:
He often wears a large jacket or vest that contains a large assortment of items.
An enchanted pocket-watch that shows the placement of what he calls planets given to him by elves. Numerous chalk sticks and a large worn sketchbook. His enchanted size changing violin. His magic wand described uses and placement above. His panpipe, and numerous gold and silver coins.

Personal riches:
For saving a small village of elves, only women and children survived, he was given a bar of silver. Said silver replicates itself every day, unless it touches the hands of someone other than himself. He also possesses the riches of many slain dragons.