Screen Name: `Phoenix or Phoe
3+ (Looks 25)

Appearance and History:
Phoenix, Jenneane's only biological daughter. When Phoenix was born,
she incinerated one of Jen's old mortal bodies in the process, and
thus she was named Phoenix. Phoenix is now married to a Snow/Ice
Goddess and had three children by her. Kyrian, and two now forgotten
children as they died during the Shenatori War. Phoenix still has
Kyrian and also from time to time looks after Cally's not so little Goldie.

Kyrian time-stepped and came back as an adult and is now married to
Phoenix's long-time friend and one of Jenneane's adopted chidren, Erador.

Usually simple work dresses or simple shirts and pants while working on her island home.
Such an outfit is merely a disguise for the special living latex symbiotic suit given to her
by the island's costumer Lori.

Morphmagus - morphing appearance, shape, etc...
Teleporting - both magical and technological teleporting skills.
Carnival Magic - sleight of hand, juggling.


Phoenix Full front