Snowflake the Wolf:

Screen Name: SnowflakeWulf

Age: Appears 2+

Birth: Born April 10+, 2008

Appearance and History:
Snowflake is the daughter of Fallen and Seneca. Fallen is a caretaker and Seneca
is a Sentinel. Snowflake was born as pure white as a snowflake, and that is where
she gained her name. Her soft powdery blue eyes were blind for the first few months
of her life, but as she grew up, she soon was able to see and enjoys playing with
the other wolves of the pack she lives with. As of near the end of July 2009, Snowy
was well on her way up in the ranks!

Northern Light Sweet Mystics Pack Promotion Timeline:
Snowie, or Snowflake, became an Assessment in waiting of the Northern Light
Sweet Mystics Pack.
As of September 10th, 2009, Snowflake has become a Full
Assessment of
the Northern Light Sweet Mystics Pack. As of December 12th, 2009,
Snowie is now a Caretaker-in-training.... Looking after the poor sick wolves 'wuffs'
as she calls them. Making sure that all are well cared for, that they are able to
hunt and are not trying to hide injuries just so they can go hunting!
As of February 21st 2010, Snowie is now a full fledged Caretaker for NLSM.
Just recently, Snowy was asked to court with Tellos and has been officially
named a courting pair with him at the May 8th meeting. She's also taken to
a new young cub from the wilds named Inysal, or 'Iny' for short. As of July 10th,
Tellos and Snowy are a mated pair.

Hunter smiles, "Wolves generally mate for life, and you both have alot of years ahead
of you. Relationships are hard work, it requires, patience, understanding and love.
But I am sure the love both of you share is strong and will last forever. This afternoon I
name you, Tellos and Snowflake, a mated pair. Congrats." She lifts her muzzle and
howls for her son and new daughter.

She's a wolf! She doesn't wear clothing, but her fur is practically all white as well as
warm fluffy and cuddly!

Likes & Dislikes:
Snowy likes fish and play fighting with her brothers, sisters, and cousins.
While she doesn't really like snorking, she'll put up with it sometimes in play.

Original Owned by ~Woxys