TS Acts & Locations

Here’s the Act Breakdowns to help aid you in finding exactly what you need TS wise.
Note that if there are any errors, speak up and let me know so that they can get corrected!
Be aware that some questing spans to separate later posts and not all together under the TS that comes before it. If you like the guide, send me Commends in game and have your name on my website! My Character Shown Here. Here’s some things I’m looking for Here.

Act 1: Tree of Ancient Origin

Act 1-1:
(Pathing for Act 1-1.)
Start Here!
TS005, TS008, TS010, TS012NosVille Meadows
TS014, TS015, TS016Western Mine Plains
TS017Western Mine 1
TS018Western Mine 1 *Change classes before this TS!*

*Can change Class Now!*

Act 1-2:
(Pathing for Act 1-2.)
TS020, TS021, TS022, TS023Western Mine Plains
TS024Western Mine 2
TS025 (Getting Bob!)Western Mine 2

Act 1-3:
(Pathing for Act 1-3.)
TS026, TS027, TS028, TS029, TS030Sunny Meadows
Jerico TS – Personal TS Stones x3.
TS031, TS032 (Getting Tom!)Sunny Meadows
TS033 – Northern Mine

Act 1-4:
(Pathing for Act 1-4.)
TS034, TS35aFernon Outpost
TS35bKnights’ Camp
TS036, TS037, TS038, TS039Fernon Outpost
TS040Enchanted Pathway
TS041, TS042, TS043Fernon Temple Floor 1

Act 1-5:
(Pathing for Act 1-5.)
TS044Fernon Basement -1
TS44b – Secret Room
TS045, TS046Fernon Basement -1
TS047Mysterious Gates
TS47b – Northern Exit
TS47c – Eastern Exit
TS47d – Western Exit
TS048Fernon Basement -2
TS049Zigzag Trail (Getting Kliff!)

Act 1-6:
(Pathing for Act 1-6.)
TS050Spiral Maze O
TS051Spiral Maze W
TS052Spiral Maze S
TS053Spiral Maze N
TS054, TS055Fernon’s Hideout 5


Act 2: The Resurrection of Devils

Act 2-1:
(Pathing for Act 2-1.)
TS56aWestern Krem
TS56bMountain Cave 1
TS57aDeep Cave
TS57bMountain Cave 2

Act 2-2:
(Pathing for Act 2-2.)
TS58aDesolate Area
TS58bMisty Valley
TS059Mountain Cave 4

Act 2-3:
(Pathing for Act 2-3.)
TS60aEastern Krem
TS60bMountain Cave 5
TS61aEastern Krem
TS61bMountain Cave 6

Act 2-4: (Pathing for Act 2-4.)
TS062Shanera Dungeon B-1
TS063Shanera Dungeon B-2
TS64aShanera Dungeon B-3
TS64bLabyrinth of Pain

Act 2-5:
(Pathing for Act 2-5.)
TS65a, TS65bShanera Dungeon B-4

Act 2-6:
(Pathing for Act 2-6.)
TS65cShanera Dungeon B-4


Act 3: The Arrival of the Hyper Dangerous Creature

Act 3-1: (Pathing for Act 3-1.)
TS066Secret Lab 1
TS067Secret Lab 2
General Quest Secret Lab TSes

Act 3-2:
(Pathing for Act 3-2.)
TS068Fir Forest
TS069Rock Canyon
TS070Stream Mine -3

Act 3-3:
(Pathing for Act 3-3.)
TS071Edge of Fir Woods
TS072Underground Tunnel -3

Act 3-4:
(Pathing for Act 3-4.)
TS73Fir Forest
TS74Fir Forest
TS75Maple Woods

Act 3-5:
(Pathing for Act 3-5.)
TS76Forest Bottom (Northern Center)
TS78Chief’s Cave

Act 3-6:
(Pathing for Act 3-6.)
TS80Seli-Lusha -5


Act 4: Frozen Crown:

Act 4-1: (Pathing for Act 4.)
TS81Eastern & Western Frost Land.


Act 5: The Burning Sword:

Act 5-1:
*No Main Quests*
Act 5a Desert Quick Maps | Act 5a Desert Pathing

Act 5b Desert Maps | Act 5b Desert Pathing ******In Progress*****

Subquests yet to be discussed, in order of progression
(Level 89) Every Effect Has A Cause | Kamil | Robber Courtyard
(Level 89) The Desert Robbers’ Recovery* | Poison Bottle | Robber Centre
(Level 89) The Desert Robber Schism* | Diary of the Traveler | Robber Centre (on the left side of Secret Path on a crate.)
(Level 89) Retrieving The Stolen Gifts | Paul | Desert Eagle City
(Level 89) The Stolen Things Must Be Found | Delmon Milow | Desert Eagle City
(Level 90) The Terror From The Chaos Zone | Delmon Milow | Desert Eagle City
(Level 90) The Desert Robber’s Leader | Kamil | Robber Courtyard

Act 5-2:
TS90 – Rashid Centre ******Map Area Created, In Progress. TS location only.*****

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