Welcome to TS59, and the end of Act 2-2!! We’ve come a long way so far and a longer way yet to go. So, lets get started, shall we? We toddle along through Eastern Krem to Mountain Cave 4 to get to this TS. Its a Hero Mission, so no sound flower this time.
So, lets begin. Move into the maze and notice that nearly all the rooms along your route are empty save for a few dialogs here and there. Moving through #1, and onward toward #2. Up and over to #3, and then over and down. Our first ‘boss’ room is fighting lvl60 Kenel. He’s got Light attrib, but should be easily killable if you’ve got good armor. Moving on, through the three kill all yellow rooms. Good armor, good weapons and keep attacking till you’ve hacked your way through all the Kovolts. Over to the lever room. You don’t have to kill the kovolts in the lever room to get out and proceed up to #5 where Catsy is. Over and up again to #6 and kill all and then you can proceed back down to the exit room where you’ve got  to survive for three minutes. The room is pretty small, so get killing to keep them from overtaking you. Once you’re done, get out, click rewards and you’re done until you level up to lvl60!! Also note, you do NOT have to explore the entire map or go into the three other red survive rooms.

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