Namaju Raid

Part 1: How to get the seal

To get the seal you need to do only 1 TS (found in the Full Moon Roof map located in NosVille Meadows.). It can be done by players who are between levels 40-99. The left red circle takes you back to NosVille Meadows, the right circle takes you into the Raid lobby once you’ve gotten your group together and the green circle above is the Namaju TS, it is used to get the seal as you can see in the Mission Image below.














Initial Advice:

  • When you start TS, make sure you are using Darkness Resistance
  • TS duration: Between 15 and 30 minutes.
  • Make sure all Jaja SP card users have final skill!
  • Have plenty of AoE’s to kill the ninjas in groups quickly for the two Kill All Rooms.
  • If you want to avoid killing ninjas in the Survive for 3 and a half minutes, stay near the portal either on the left or right side. Run through to the right side if you’re low on time.
  • In the 5th room, the Boss Room, focus primarily on killing Nonomaru, Level 60 with Fire Attribute.
  • It’s just a straight way. It can be done straight through from Left to Right.
  • Once you’re done with the TS, you’ll get the DC seal as your reward as shown above in Mission Image.


Part 2: How to make the Raid!
Initial advice:

  • Needed at least 50% or more of Darkness Resistance
  • Raid team should consist of Jajamaru, Wilds Keeper, and Holy’s.
  • It is highly recommended to keep, as possible, ALL the lives, since they’ll be needed at boss room.
  • As always, bring snacks and pots (mages aren’t healing machines!)

To start the raid, the team must meet in Full Moon Roof. The entrance is in NosVille Meadows, as indicated by the big red dot. You’ve passed by it on many occasions!










*Donations and corrections to this Raid would be greatly appreciated as the Original Raid map translated to English and updated somewhat is not completely accurate, It does have the right number of level-rooms, but the configuration may not be correct!!*

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