SP4 – Berserker SP

Lvl to Start SP Quest: 65
Jlvl required to equip SP card: 55
Rep: 10,001 ~ 19,000

You start this SP off by going to the Mysterious Soul Gem.
Meet the Grey Soul Gem!
As always, the required jlvl is to ‘equip’ the SP card! This SP will give swordsman the Berserker Card, archer the Wild Keeper Card, and Mage the Dark Gunner Card.
Several individuals helped me accomplish this SP questing. NeoStar, SofaJr, C00L, and Shafiul being a few of them!

  1. Talk to Grey Soul Gem at Fir Woods to obtain 4th SP card quest. Purple diamond spot directly south of path back up to Eastern Krem.
  2. Talk to Soty Bystander in Waterwheel House at Fir Woods. It is located down in bottom left corner next to path to Maple Woods.
  3. Hunt lvl70 Bulky Zombie Guard with no element attribute to obtain “Treatise of Whitney”. They can be found in Secret Lab 1 and Secret Lab 2. This may take a while depending on your luck. Click Rewards to continue, and get some Exp.
  4. Hunt lvl74 Skull Warrior with Darkness Attribute to obtain “Hair Lace of Natalie”. They can be found in Secret Lab 3. Click Rewards to continue, and get some JExp.
  5. Talk to Soty Bystander with rewards to obtain “Purple fragment of memory”. Click Rewards to continue, and get a ‘Violet Fragment of Memory.’
  6. Talk to Grey Soul Gem to obtain “Unlimited Hatred Time-space”.
  7.  Use and complete “1st TS – Unlimited Hatred Time-space”.

This TS contain mostly water/light elements monsters, eg Light: Sentinel (lvl72), Weak Raccoon Bird (lvl68). Water: Leech King (lvl73), Moth (lvl75) but also a room where you have to fight Brown Lizards which are fire element. Boss Angel Jabinel is Light element.

1st TS: (Needs Confirmation, & Walkthru.)

8. Talk to Grey Soul Gem.
9. Talk to Eri Windspear in Inside of Warehouse at Fir Woods.
10. Hunt 80 Yak Warrior (Lv75 – Light Element, Edge of Fir Woods) [receive Necklace of Piepe for reward].
11. Hunt 70 Strong Tree Zombie (Lv73 – Water Element, Fir Woods)[receive Wolf Wooden Doll for reward].
12. Talk to Eri Windspear with rewards to obtain “Green fragment of memory*”.
13. Talk to Soul Gem to obtain “Wildlifer Time-space”.
14. Use and complete “2nd TS – Wildlifer Time-space”.
This TS has mostly Time-limit rooms. For mages & swordies, try to stay at a corner and kill monsters when they come really close. NPC in TS has a good amount of hp, use them as tank. Survive 3min. seems to be the average for all the SV rooms.

2nd TS: (Needs Confirmation, & Walkthru.)

15. Talk to Grey Soul Gem.
16. Talk to Rect Lat at Maple Woods near Hero Mission TS75 (use sin/jaja and talk while invisible).
17. Hunt Wollet (Lv70 – No Element, Maple Woods) to obtain “Ring of Seina”.
18. Hunt Graylander (Lv79 – Water Element, Outskirts of Maple Woods) to Obtain “Crystal of Demons”.
19. Talk to Rect Lat with items to obtain “Red fragment of memory”.
20. Talk to Grey Soul Stone to obtain “Black Flame Time-space”.
21. Use and complete “3rd Ts – Black Flame Time-space”.
Again, this TS has Time-limit rooms.

3rd TS: (Needs Confirmation, & Walkthru.)

22. Talk to Grey Soul Gem.
23. Talk to Rody Windsinger in Forester’s House at Fir Woods.
24. Talk to Soty Bystander and talk again to pay 3 million to obtain Design of Unfinished Spear of Priest recipe.
25. Hunt King-Leeches (Lv73 – Water Element, Underground Tunnel F3) to obtain “Unknown Ore”.
26. Hunt Cricket Mole (Lv74 – Water Element, Forest Bottom off Maple Woods.) to obtain “Leaf of Seli-Lusha”. (the portal at top center of map.) My luck was completely horrible with this one and with the help of a lvl90 doing the SP questing again, got it quicker! (#A) A special thank you goes out to this helpful lvl90 individual!
27. Hunt 50 Mother Mole (Lv78 – Water Element, Underground Pathway, also some in the other Forest Bottom that is on the left upper corner of Maple Woods.)[receive Mane of Enkidu for reward]. (#A)
28. Hunt 50 Large Rechen (Lv77 – Light Element, Underground Pathway)[receive Peober’s Thread for reward]. (#A)
29. Hunt 30x Sentinel (Lv75 – Light Element, Seli-Lusha -2, and SL-3) [receive Wing of Angel for reward]. Oddly, the ones in Seli-Lusha -1 don’t give credit at all, that I could tell, so move on down to SL-2.
30. Talk to Soty Bystander
32. Produce the item “Unfinished Spear of Priest” using the Design of Unfinished spear of Priest recipe.
Open inventory and double click on the recipe. Click on the item and should have all the 5 items you received shown, then click on Produce to make item.
32. Talk to Eri Windspear with the Unfinished Spear of Priest to obtain “Spear of Priest” You may have to Click Rewards to complete.
33. Talk to Soty Bystander with Spear of Priest to obtain “White fragment of memory”.
34. Talk to Grey Soul Stone to obtain “Echekaluel Time-space”.
35. Use and complete “4th TS – Echekaluel Time-space”.
This TS has all Light monsters, therefore use light resistance. NPC in TS has a good amount of hp, use them wisely. I believe this last TS is accurate, though if it is not, it is the empty rooms that are too many or incorrect. The shape of the TS is correct, and the labeled rooms are also correct. If you need to rest during this ts, let your npcs fight for you!!

Final/4th TS: (Needs Confirmation, & Walkthru.)

36. Talk to Soul Gem. Click Rewards!!
37. Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of one 4th SP card.

Sources: Jap wiki, unsure on the original source of the Berserker skill table.*
Original Thread: Guide for 4th SP Quest on Nostale UK forum

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