SP6 – Battle Monk

And so…. We’ve reached Desert Eagle City (DEC)! SP6 starts here. We have to go and talk with Felix Frost (Gl). Refer to the DEC map above. We chat with Felix and get to know that he’s Fabian’s brother! Now that we’ve chatted with him, its time to head on up to Chaos Environment. You’ll see the Frozen Soulstone (FSS) up at the top right corner, labeled on the map. We have a brief dialog with it and then return back to DEC and to Felix.

Once done, we get a new quest, go and speak with Riana in the Treasure Hunter Camp (THC). You do get a Red Arrow if you’re in DEC. We enter THC and dialog with Riana. We’ve got to pay her HOW MUCH?!?!?! Gah! 100k gold! Well, 100k gold to proceed isn’t the worst in the world…. We’ll deliver the gold to Serena. Gold delivered, Serena gives us a quest! Zangpo-QIHunt one of the below listed creatures. I managed to get it from a Sea Sand Fox in the Desert Harbour Environment map.

  • Hunt Storm Sand Fox. (Collect 1 bead.)
  • Hunt Dust Sand Fox. (Collect 1 bead.)
  • Hunt Desert Sand Fox. (Collect 1 bead.)
  • Hunt Spirit Sand Fox. (Collect 1 bead.)
  • Hunt Sea Sand Fox. (Collect 1 bead.)

Click Rewards to continue. Zangpo-BeadsWe get Zangpo’s Buddhist Prayer Beads and now its time to return back to the Frozen Soul Stone up in Chaos Environment. Once we’ve gone back up to the FSS and dialoged with it again, we have to head back to Felix Frost in DEC. A brief dialog with Felix sends us on our way to talk with Velmon who’s located in Chaos Zone. You do get a Red Arrow to him once you’re inside the Chaos Zone map. He gives us a new quest to kill 3 of types of Garton’s Elites.

  • Hunting 3 Garton’s Elite Samurai
  • Hunting 3 Garton’s Elite Assassin
  • Hunting 3 Garton’s Elite Hunter
  • Hunting 3 Garton’s Elite Bomber

Once we’ve killed all of those, 3 each, we have to go after Garton himself. Might be best to do this one with a party.

Attack-Command-for-Chaos-ZoneOnce you’re inside Garton’s Camp Surroundings, you get a Red Arrow toward Garton’s Camp (GCS) to (GC). Now, to get killing!! It may take you a few tries to get it, but you will, just have patience!

When you’re all done with that, head back to Velmon up in Chaos Zone. You remember the way, right? No? Okay…. Leave Garton’s Camp, and the Camp Velmon-in-Chaos-ZoneSurroundings, then head North to Lost Desert and then North again to Chaos Zone. Now you’ll find Velmon! You get a Red Arrow to him and he’s lit up as you can see to the left.

We dialog with Velmon a little bit and he looks at the Attack Command and then gives you Falco’s Gloves. Click Rewards to continue! We get Falco’s Gloves and now we’ve got to head back to the Frozen Soulstone up in Chaos Environment! Lets get going!!
Falco's-Gloves-Quest-ClearedWe get a Red Arrow once we’re in Chaos Environment to lead us toward the Frozen Soulstone! Once there, we converse with it briefly and head back to Felix Frost in Desert Eagle City! You remember the way back, right? No? Okay…. Head off back the way you came to Chaos Zone, then South through Lost Desert and down to the left side of the map where Desert Eagle City is. If you have problems, follow the pathing section for this area.

A Dialog with Glacerus, the Cold ‘Felix Frost.’ This sends us back to Nephi. We head for Akamur Quarter in Desert Eagle City and dialog with Nephi! You’ll get a bit of a guide there and a Red Arrow if you’re on the right map or hop out of Desert Eagle City and come back to it. Nephi remembers us from the Mysterious Sand thing earlier!

3IceFlowersOnce we’ve dialoged with her and the brief blips from Semia, its time to head for Glacernon. Urgh. At least we only need to get 3 ice Flowers from the place, then we can get out quick before all the pesky pvp’ers come calling. So, moving on!! Click Rewards to continue! We are awarded Elisia’s Hair Accessory!

HairAccessoryNow that we’ve got it, lets head back to the Frozen Soulstone. You know the way there by now so you’re on your own until you get there! Once we’ve dialoged with it, Click Rewards to continue. We get a Time-Space: Destroy Glacerus’ Ice Seal! Here’s hoping!! Oh, real quick before you go into that TS!! Put on the SP Card that has now suddenly appeared in your Main Inventory Window!

SP6TSstoneOkay, now, you got that SP from your inventory on? This one!
Provided-SP6CardAlright, now you’ve got plenty of pots ready to burn yes? Alright, lets go! You know its the right SP if you can’t use it outside of the TS. And the TS is a real doozie as well. It may only be 8 rooms, but at level 85, I could not get through it with all those over-armored water attribute Lvl81 monsters. This TS is as irritating as the Jajamaru TS’es were…. Perhaps moreso. So, I went the lazy way around! I went and bought a Battle Monk card and used it to get through the really annoying TS, mapped below! Be sure to have plenty of potions and some good Water Resistance, you’ll need both!! You’ll also be dealing mostly with Lvl81-85 monsters. All of them pretty much with Water Attribute. Once you’re through to the last room and clearing a path to kill that Glacerus Seal…. Didn’t get any decent screengrabs of that, we complete the TS after killing it and then we’ve got to tell the Cold Soulstone what happened! So, back on the boat again and back to the desert!SP6-TSWe have a long dialog with the Frozen Soulstone once we get back to the Chaos Environment. You don’t need directions to get back there again hopefully! But, if you do, just follow the map! When we’re done, we’ve got to go and show Felix the ‘Scroll of Icy Coldness.’ We’ve got to be sure to give back the borrowed power…. That SP card that we used that was a Time-Space use only…. Once that’s done, and we’ve given back the SP MysticalGlacierStone(power) we get a Mystical Glacier Stone. As always, you get a Red Arrow when you’re in the appropriate map to go back to the Frozen Soulstone and for Felix Frost. So, we dialog with Felix…. When we’re through, Click Rewards to continue.

GlacerusSealNow all that’s left to do is to go and join a Glacerus the ice cold raid. If you’re lower than level 90, you may or may not be able to join any of them depending on who’s hosting. Have fun, and good luck!

Addendum! Be aware that the skill ‘Sacrifice’ in Battle Monk is bugged! Use it and the person you sacrificed yourself for gets hit or dies and you die too and get bugged! Its a real pain in LoD!! You’ll have to die AGAIN so that you can  revive and move, despite looking dead already!

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