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A large, old rusted spaceship floats slowly through space. Int. Ship - Darkened Room (Present) A shadowy figure sits at a desk with a recording device in front of him.
TED I am Theodore last of the great race of the Niads, leader of the Ted. This is my life's story, entitled The Tedstory. (He begins his tale.)
Ext. Ship - Stars lightly glowing (Present). A beautiful view of space. Stars in the distance are being born and dying.
TED (O.S.)
I saw the beginnings and ends of planets, stars and universes.
Int. Ship - Day (Past). Ted's father IKOR enters, followed by TED.
IKOR I've got to go away for a while, don't worry I'll be back. TED Don't take too long, dad. Mom isn't well. We all need you here.
Int. Ship - Night, later that year (Past). Ted's MOM lying in a bed with TED alongside, covered in darkness.
MOM My time is nearing, son. You must carry on and find a place where you can live. TED Mom. You can't die. I won't let you. You are the only one I have left.
Int. Ship - Day (Past). A group of WARRIORS on the radio speaking to TED through it.
WARRIOR 1 Help. This is a call for help. We are the Red Av-David group, requesting help. Anyone, anyone out there, help. Our location... WARRIOR 2 (Interrupting Warrior 1) We need immediate help. We have just lost another cadet...
Ext. Ruin - Day on planet (Past). WARRIOR 1 is slowly pulled under the sand while the other WARRIORS try and help.
WARRIOR 1 Help me. You idiots try and help me out of this.

WARRIOR 2 I'm trying but you're just being pulled deeper and deeper.

WARRIOR 3 Let's try and shoot whatever it is pulling him under. (Fires his rifle twice.)

WARRIOR 1 disappears under the sand and WARRIOR 2/WARRIOR 3 flee to nearby mountains.

Int. Ship - Darkened room (Present).

TED During the next hundred years my sanity began to wander away from my inner soul.
Int. Crashed ship - Day (Past). 10 MEN are sitting in the ship trying to get the radio to work. (O.S.) A man groans and the sound of many murmuring people can be heard from the back.
MAN 1 This is the ship Micah. Is anyone out there? Our location is 379a437bqz2.4 if any one is there please send transport. TED (O.S.) Hello this is Ted. I am recieving your call. This is the ship Zychron in orbit, sending transport. The ship should reach your location in three minutes. MAN 1 While we wait, do you know anything about man/morlocks? TED (O.S.) Yes. You must separate the man from the evil within. Do you have an Energy-Flux Converter. MAN 1 Yes we do. What do we do with it? TED (O.S.) Stick his hand into it. Hold his hand there for a minute, then drag him out. If it worked, his hand should look normal.
Int. Ship - Night (Past). TED waits at the airlock for the doors to open and view the survivors aboard. The doors open and a motley, ragged crew stagger in. (30 in all). They are followed by a man pushing a wheel-chair. A covered figure sits in the chair unmoving. TED walks to the covered figure and peaks underneath.
TED Put him in there. (He points a finger to the door at the end of the darkened hall.
Int. Ship - Night (Present). TED continues his story:
TED I decided that a peaceful life on a nearby planet would ease the pain within me. Little did I know, that I would soon again be traveling out into space once more.