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ACT 10

Int. Classroom – Day (Present.) The battleground fades away. MICAH appears sitting at his desk looking completely exhausted. The students appear in their chairs moments later looking equally exhausted. The doors and windows unlock and MICAH leans back in his chair.
MICAH Leave your quiz on my desk on your way out. Class dismissed. We will review your current knowledge tomorrow when we take a second look at your quizzes today.
Int. Classroom – Day (Present.) MICAH is still leaned back in his chair half asleep while the students noisily straggle out of the room. After they have all left, MICAH leans forward to rest his elbows on the desk. He stares at the pile of papers for a moment, and the pages seem to combine. After several moments, all of the pages have become one single page with fifty two small columns on it. The writing cannot be seen from this distance, but we are lead to believe that they are the scores from the student’s quizzes. Several minutes later HAMPSON walks in and gazes at a small scrap of paper left unnoticed on the corner of MICAH’S desk.
HAMPSON You took the test too, I see. Twenty seconds to disperse forty nine of your fifty questions in the blink of an eye. The last one looked like... MICAH (Interrupts HAMPSON.) Yes, a minute and ten seconds total time to take the test if you know how to do it. Also the last one is my as of yet undefeated Dark Arts magician. HAMPSON Why have an undefeatable enemy of such magnitude? Surely one would not encounter something that powerful? MICAH I did on more occasions than I’d care to remember. Each time I risk the element of death every time I come into contact with it. The last time I was barely able to Escape with my life. It is a perfect example of the ultimate evil force, a force that all other evil forces strive to become. I don’t expect the students to defeat something like that, only to see how long they can withstand the forces that it holds. To test them to the point of survival at any cost. Show them that sometimes to kill an enemy, one must only stand and defend themselves. One who can stand five minutes or more against this force, knows that secret ideology. HAMPSON I’ll let you get back to grading now. I was just concerned when I saw you in there battling that thing. We’ll continue this discussion during lunch. I’d enjoy further discussion about this with the other teachers too. They might find this ideology very useful. MICAH (Micah returns his attention to organizing the papers on his desk and mumbles a brief reply.) Yes, lunch.
Int. Classroom – Day (Present.) Hampson leaves the room, and MICAH returns his full attention to the papers. Students begin filing into the room several minutes later. They sit in silence while MICAH finishes organizing the final few loose papers on his desk. He finishes and slowly stands up to gaze at the students.
MICAH We’ll get right down to business shall we. Twenty names on the roster and twenty students sitting before me. You in the back, name and house? STUDENT Franklin Dousi, Jhan house. MICAH Franklin, I do not tolerate your feeble attempts of mind control spells. FRANKLIN Not mind control, but a simple mind probe spell to see what terrible plans you have in store for us. MICAH I have no terrible plans. Many of you have already spoken to the other students and learned what to expect from me. Unlike any of your other teachers, my mind is not something that can be probed or controlled. This class will be easy if any of you can beat me in single combat. Twenty students, twenty battle days. Since Franklin feels so confident, he’ll get to go first. You have until tomorrow’s class to devise a strategy, class dismissed.
Int. Classroom – Day (Three Weeks Later. Present.) MICAH sits behind his desk while the students stagger into the room and flop down into their chairs. Each of them has a broken arm or leg, and they all seem terribly tired.
MICAH (He doesn’t look up from his stack of papers.) Glad you could all make it to class today. For a group of seventh years, you all need to learn much more to become a true seventh year.