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Ext. Ruins - Shadowy Garden (Past). Ted shovels dirt from a hole. Finishing, he climbs out with the shovel. Brushing the dirt off his knees, he drags a dark canvas bag to the hole and pushes it in. Covering the grave, a TOMBSTONE in the shadows can be seen.
TOMBSTONE Here lies Arin Amelia Jhan. May her spirit rest in eternal peace. 2370 Junagin - 4 BC
Int. Ship - Night (Present). TED stops the recording devicve and changes the tape. Beginning the new tape, he continues.
TED We watched many wars go by and none bothered us any, but I was eventually called into action. A fort on the planet Crom where my father was stationed. I was afraid he would be dead, but I was wrong.
Ext. Old farm land - Night (Past). Explosions going off in the background, lighting up the background sky. In the trench, TED is speaking with a group of WARRIORS. TED sits on an old wooden box while the WARRIORS stand and lean against the sides of the trenches.
TED I'm looking for my father Ikor Jhan, do any of you know him?

WARRIOR 4 He was my friend until the end, but he disappeared in an explosion... WARRIOR 5 (Interrupting.) No. Not an explosion, there would have been noise. I was right in front of him when he vanished. He jsut disappeared into a bright light, poof. Gone. No trace at all. WARRIOR 4 There was shrapnel. It hit me, here in the leg. (Showing a dark scar line on his knee.

Ext. Cave of Many Voices - Night (Past). Ted walks into the cave and stands before the glowing green column. Int. Cave of Many Voices - Night (Past). Torches light the small cavern in which TED is standing in front of a giant green COLUMN.
TED Tell me the future, Cave of Many Voices. COLUMN (In an echo of speech) Ted you will see your father again, but in the far distant future where unbearable things will happen to you. Remember what I have told you today for they will change your future. The Cave of Many Voices has spoken!
Int. Ship - Night (Present).
TED I departed with the full knowledge that one day his prophesy would come true, that day would come in due course. I left the planet to travel back to Tedland and view the restoration of TedCastle.
Ext. TedCastle - Day (Past). Engraved in a stone an old MESSAGE that has been forgotten by all.
MESSAGE This castle is the gateway for the return of the great and powerful wizard Ikor Jhan.
Int. Castle - Day (Past). TED enters the hallway and examines the WORKERS opening a large door. The door opens to reveal a white void.
TED What is that GEORGE, some kind of illusion? GEORGE No. But the others are trying to find a way into the room by other means. WORKER 1 (O.S.) We've made it through, but it's the same from over here. WORKER 2 (O.S.) I'Ve tried all the upstairs entries to it, but the same thing is up here, too.
Int. Ship - Night (Present).
TED That planet would be my home for a long time until the future came. Micah would learn all of the things that I had learned, but until he mastered the true arts he would still be my apprentice. We have come so far but the road ahead is still filled with obstacles that one day must be overcome.
Int. Ship - Day (Past). MICAH is seated in the pilot seat, the COMPUTER is controlling the flight. TED is in the back bnging on an invention. Within the ship, a bank of computer switchboards explode.
MICAH TED what happened in there, we've stopped moving and we're still in E-Space? TED (Banging stops.) MICAH I don't know. something sure did happen! I still have to finish my invention, you see if you can find out what happened. (Banging continues.) MICAH COMPUTER hook-up to com-link bridge. COMPUTER (O.S.) MICAH Bridge needs four players. MICAH COMPUTER search bridge com-link data banks. COMPUTER (O.S.) Searching... (A short pause.) Cannot comply with request. MICAH (Aggravated.) TED why can't you fix this computer? TED (In a rushed tone while banging continues.) MICAH there's nothin' wrong with it! MICAH COMPUTER connect com-link to the bridge. COMPUTER (O.S.) I'm sorry but I can't allow you access. MICAH (In an aggravated tone.) TED why can't you make this crazy COMPUTER work? TED (O.S.) (Banging stops.) MICAH try COMPUTER establish search com-link. MICAH COMPUTER establish search com-link. TED MICAH I have to work on my Improbability Drive, I'll be a while. (Banging continues.) MICAH O.K. TED I'm going over to manual control!
Int. Ship - Night (Present.) TED changes the tape and continues to tell his tale.
TED I had my doubts about it, but if it would help us, we needed all the help we could get. After an hour of banging, I was ready to chance it. That chance paid off and got us home. The party had already started when we arrived in the great hall.