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Ext. Ballroom - Night (Past.) TED and MICAH enter the room. TED hands the invitations to the doorman and they enter the ballroom. Int. Ballroom - Night (Past.)
MICAH TED this party is great, but how did we get invited? It's kind of odd that we never went to a party here before. TED It's just a few of my colleagues from the lab, nothing more. MICAH So you put this thing all together yourself so I could meet your buddies at the lab? TED No. Not exactly, look there's ED trying to fix his tie. (TED points to a man fidgeting with his poorly done tie.) ED (Mumbles and continues to mess with his tie.) TED Don't pay much attention to him, he mumbles most of the time. Oh look, the band is beginning to play the Ted Challenge, let's join in before they get started! JIM (clims off the edge of the stage and up to TED.) Hey look it's TED, get him up on stage and give him a banjo. TED All right JIM have it your way, I know the outcome. Hand me the banjo that has my name carved in it, it's my favorite. JIM (To TED.) I'll still have fun trying to play as fast as you can. (To one of the band members.) You heard TED, give him his banjo! MAN (Throws TED'S banjo into the air.) TED (Backflips across the stage,catches the banjo in midair and begins to play.) Come on MICAH join in. If I can play, surely you can dance. MICAH TED I really couldn't, not with you out there. I'd look slow compared to them! TED Oh, come on MICAH it's easy, you can drop out any time you like! MICAH TED I really couldn't No! Absolutely not! TED Come on MICAH its fun, its not so hard, really, please... for me!
Int. Ship - Night (Present.) The figure stops the recording device for a moment while gathering his breath to continue. Aafter a moment he starts it again and continues.
TED I could play faster than any other could ever begin to compete. I love music, in all it's shapes and forms. I loved it so much that I won the Ted Challenge thirteen times in a row.
Int. Ballroom - Night (Past.) The ANNOUNCER stands on the stage with Micah and Ted on either side.
ANNOUNCER For the thirteenth annual Ted Challenge, the trophy for the fastest player. In third place Bigbunny, second place goes to Hampron Jhan, and the winner of the fastest player in the Ted Challenge goes to our very own Theodore Jhan. Now the trophy for the fastest dancer. In third place Steve Schrid, second place goes to Gordon Vambit, and the winner of the fastest dancer in the Ted Challenge goes to our very own Micah Jhan. The trophies will be given to you next week.
Int. Hallway - Night (13 years later in past.) TED and MICAH walk by the trophy shelves. Stopping by theirs, they stand and talk about their victories.
TED That was amazing foot movement MICAH. You've gotten better since the first challenge. MICAH If you remember, the first one I won with beginners luck.
Int. Car - Night (Later past.) The dark colored car drives down a country road. In the distance, the Ballroom is disappearing from view, and far in the distance is TedCastle. Suddenly Ted's car stalls and a bright beam of white light shoots down into the car. Blowing the car to bits, the light suddenly disappears leaving the wreckage of the car behind. Int. Ship - Night (Present.)
TED Something had happened that night. Something that would nag at the edge of conscious thought for a long time.
Int. White Tiled Room - Day (Past.) RICKY enters from door (Right.)
RICKY Welcome to the future gentlemen. I'm going to bring you up to date on what's been happening. MICAH Well hello yourself, where are we? RICKY You're on Tedland in the year 3098. We've gone through seven wars and TedCastle has just reappeared after being gone for quite a while, I guess it knows when to come and go. We need your help in removing a certain something from the Mountain of Darkness, before it kills us all. I'm sure that you know about the Dark Mountain from your time. We're going to fill you in since you died... MICAH (Interrupts.) Excuse me, since we died? I don't think we died, did we TED? TED I'm not sure? I don't think so. Last I remember we were hit by a bright light. After that, I was here.