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Int. Ship - Night (Present.)
TED The Dark Mountain has been around since the first of us landed on the planet. It was the only place that none of us could get to. The only other way to it, was through some kind of Space- gate, no one knew how it worked.
Int. Office - Day (Past.) The office has a single stained glass window that off-sets the old disty history books on the untouched shelves. RICKY sits behind the desk while TED and MICAH sit across from him at the desk.
MICAH Do you still have the space-gate? RICKY Yes, follow me. (Gets up and walks to a side door of the office. Unlocking and opening the door, the three proceed into the room.)
Int. Side Room - Day (Past.) At one end a large circular disk sits on the floor at an angle.
RICKY We've been testing it for thirty years and haven't had any success. The buttons are all finger-print coded. We've tried all the living population except you two. (He looks at TED and Micah's hands and is rather shocked.) You two? Neither one of you have fingerprints. TED I've got a strange feeling about this thing. (He walks over to the disk and pushes a large red button on the side.)
Int. Ship - Night (Present.)
TED My life was somehow related to that mountain. It was a mystery that I would one day confront. I was scared by the data logs and the message that later became the very thing in which I hated. I fell in love with Bigbunny, earlier that year before she was taken. I took off in my Tardais only to be stuck in emptiness and trapped within the memories. Micah would, for a long time, be in terrible dreams. Night- mares of me. I made myself a legend. Forgotten except in stories and myths. Micah was gone, too.
Ext. Canyon - Early Evening (Past.) A dark FIGURE stands before Ted giving him a warning.
FIGURE I will kill you, don't try and change what must be.