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Int. Ship - Night (Present.)
TED All of our troubles would seem to end for four thousand years.
Int. Office - Day (Past.) RICKY sits behind his desk with a tape recorder.
RICKY Today Emine Armington found an odd looking android in the vecinity of the ruins at Grande Le Hoffe. I am unable to gain access to this android or hide the mystery of the android's true identity any longer. Soon my identity will be discovered and the project will be opened to prying eyes.
Int. Lab - Day (Past.) Three DOCTORS are examining an android lying on a table.
DOCTOR 1 We've found Micah. He disappeared only because he couldn't bear the loss of his friend. DOCTOR 2 His friend might still be alive out there among the stars. EMINE ARMINGTON Do you really believe in a million year old legend? This thing is an unknown, we really don't know what it might do once it's reactivated. DOCTOR 2 True, but we must chance it and find out! EMINE ARMINGTON I won't allow an unknown to be activated!! The odds are not in our favor! I WON'T ALLOW IT!!! DO YOU HEAR, I WON'T ALLOW IT!!
Int. Lab - Night (Past.) Secretly, the two scientists disobey orders and go about with working on the android. DOCTOR 1 busily goes about opening the android while DOCTOR 2 busies himself in rummaging through the lab next door. Coming back with a large load of equipment, the two doctors begin their task.
DOCTOR 1 Hand me the 3.0 wire and the 7.2 motors. DOCTOR 2 (Digs through the pile a moment, finds the wire and the motors.) 3.0 wire and the 7.2 motors. DOCTOR 1 I'll need a 87.3 hook- up converter and a cable tester. DOCTOR 2 (Goes to one of the wall shelves and brings back a small rectangular box with five wires and a smaller box connected to it.) A 87.3 hook- up converter and the cable tester. DOCTOR 1 (connects the wires inside the android and the box hums for a moment. A small but audible ping is heard and the doctor removes the device.) Well it checks out fine. Letís see if this android can tell us anything.
Ext. Space - Night (Past.) The Tardais floats through darkness. Inside, TED is trying to fix the control panels and get home.
TED (Speaking mostly to himself.) Oh dear! Micah must be worried about me by now. I only hope that the power coils aren't corroded. I only hope that I won't have to restart the entire system. For now I'll just try the remote beacon.
Int. Lab - Day (Past.) The DOCTORS have completed the duplicate android and have secretly taken him to an abandoned radio room. Unaware that this abandoned radio room is the one in which TED'S remote beacon is located in.
DOCTOR 1 This is the only place. (Is interrupted by TED'S voice over the remote beacon system.) TED (His voice is heard from a speaker on the table in the far corner of the small room.) Hello? Is anyone there? Please turn on the remote beacon. The red box under the table, push it back. MICAH Hi Ted! Iím here luckily! Where are you? DOCTOR 1 (To DOCTOR 2.) My god! It really is true. They are the real legends. Wait till someone finds out about this! DOCTOR 2 (To DOCTOR 1.) They are legends. They became legends thus let them alone and continue to be legends in secret. While he's here, we might as well mention the anomaly. MICAH (To DOCTORS.) I'm slightly curious as to where and when I am. Furthermore, who are you two? DOCTOR 1 I am Eugene and this is my comrade Gustav. (Points at DOCTOR 2.) You are still on Tedland, the year is 24206. You were recovered and restored from the ruins at Grande Le Hoffe. These ruins are claimed to be the remains of the legendary TedCastle. I'm just curious as to who you are programmed to be and all of your basic commands. Also, do you have any knowledge concerning the anomaly currently approaching our reach of space? MICAH I am MICAH JHAN. I became an android in the year 1307 because of a mishap with time traveling. My basic commands are to record history in the Matrix Directory and to accompany TED in all scientific and crisis situations that may arise. Current age is 42 trillion years old. I believe that your anomaly's origins are that of my friend's time machine. By activating this beacon, it will bring his time machine here. DOCTOR 1 How will this useless radio tower be a beacon? The radio alignment isn't even focused. It's been left here only because of the ancient article. No one dares to adjust it's tuning. MICAH Well itís quite simple. The reason why nothing could ever be picked up on this dish is because it is focused on an E-Space location. This location is the place where Tedís auto pilot drag stream is located. It is a system used to bring back a time machine once it has accidentally gotten lost in space/time. The transmitter here transmits to another transmitter located in E-Space, this transmitter beams to the non-point inside the Tardais guidance system. Once set, this transmitter will beam the Tardais back to this room. DOCTOR 2 Interesting! Is time travel dangerous? MICAH Not really. Not unless you accidentally trigger the Grandfather Paradox. DOCTOR 1 The who paradox? TED (O.S.) (Voice from radio.) Well I do enjoy a good conversation, but it's getting a little tight and hot up here. Could we continue the conversation once I'm safely on the ground? MICAH Right of course. (Reaches under the table and slides the box back.) Okay it's ready. TED (O.S.) (Voice from radio.) Thanks MICAH, I've been stuck up here for quite a while. MICAH Not as long as I have old friend. This time weíve been tossed into quite a different time. TED (O.S.) (Voice from radio.) I agree!
Ext. Radio Room - Day (Past.) The Tardais materializes with a groaning, coughing thud when it lands outside the doorway. The two DOCTORS and MICAH get out to greet the return of TED.
TED Hello MICAH! Let's go eat, I'm starving. Iíll tell you what caused the system failure. DOCTOR 1 I'll take you downstairs to our private eatery.
Int. Eatery - Day (Past.) MICAH, TED, and the two DOCTORS sit at at small table eating.
TED (While talking, he sips on his drink.) It was fine until I had to use the relay systems and the defense shields. The asteroid barely missed the ship, but it did mess things up a bit. The near impact threw me to the floor. When I came around, the power circuits were billowing smoke and were still sparking. I tried to activate the IRIS, but it turned the shields into a rotating anomaly. MICAH (Interrupting TED.) Did you fix it? Maybe I'd better look at it. You probably wired it wrong. (He enter the Tardais and his voice can be heard from within.) Well that's your problem... TED What problem? MICAH Your relay system fried because all the terminals are wired in backwards. The feedback is causing the shields to produce negative fields instead of the much safer positive ones. Instead of attracting the asteroid, you want to repel it. The IRIS system, what is it supposed to do? TED Itís supposed to be a power source, but it doesnít engage properly. MICAH Something of your invention, I take it? TED Yes. Unfortunately it has never proven to be a successful means of power. Come, Iíll show you the model.
Int. Tardais Back Room - Day (Past.) The two DOCTORS and MICAH follow TED into the back room.
TED In theory, this device is supposed to engulf a black hole and turn it into useable energy. (He walks around a large console in the center of the room, and is hidden from view.) Notice how the simulation works? The Tardais enters the hole, and when it nears the central core, it then begins to capture the rotation inside itís drive unit. This rotation gravitates the black hole into the drive unit and safely translates the black holeís energies into useful power to run the ship. Once engaged, the drive further translates the rotation and turns the negative rotation into a reverse positive rotation. (During TEDíS explanation, blurry images are barely visible from this angle. TED and MICAH are the only ones that can see the images. The doctors are wondering what is going on.) MICAH Seeing that most of your control panels are wired incorrectly, I think I know why the iris system isn't working. TED Why? MICAH Well, the whole system seems to be wired quite poorly. Half of your array wires are the wrong gage, and some of the defense mechanisms are wired into your guidance systems. The relay system should be wired negatively, and each other system should be dependently wired positively. All the cross-wiring is causing the IRIS system to create a space envelope. This is also why the Tardais makes such a horrible sound when itís shields are raised or lowered. I also noticed that your time indicator is wired into your door controls. TED I guess technicians just donít listen when you tell them to follow the wiring instructions you leave for them to do. MICAH No you donít. Maybe we should get some tools and work on it. We donít want to go traveling around in a faulty time machine now do we? (He motions to the two doctors, and they exit.) TED (He goes into a room in the far back of this room and retrieves a small pad that displays a number of wiring relays. He goes back into the main console room and begins to unwire the incorrect wiring connections.) MICAH bring back some five point wire and some switches of the same type. Also get a tool- box. Weíll need to open up some of these upper panels. MICAH (Enters Tardais with a tool-box that has wires and switches hanging from the loose drawer in its side. He sets it down near TEDíS feet.) Anything else? TED Not at the moment. If youíd turn off the power on the main console. MICAH Main power off. Did you hear something TED? TED Oops... I accidentally brushed the dematerialization wires together before you turned the power off. MICAH Might as well see where weíve landed. Iíll take care of the wiring, you figure out where we are.
Int. Tardais - Day (Past.) The Tardais materializes with a gigantic thud on some unknown planet. MICAH begins work on the controls after TED exits the Tardais to determine where they are.
TED (O.S) Iím going to try and figure out where we are. Fix the time indicator first. See if it will tell us where we are.
Ext. Mysterious Planet - Day (Past.) TED stands a short distance from the Tardais looking to see if any visible stars can be sighted. None can due to the cloud cover overhead. He then turns to his surroundings and intently studies them. He continues to stare, obviously sure that he has no idea where they are, but thinking he should know where they are. From the Tardais, MICAH can be heard calling TEDíS name.
MICAH TED get in here now! TED (Suddenly jolted from his reverie.) Coming. (He then heads back towards the Tardais, and enters.)
Int. Tardais - Day (Past.)
MICAH I fixed some of the things, but what Made me call you was this. (He points at the TIME INDICATOR.) TIME INDICATOR Planet: Aaermos. Year: 3074. TED Oh god! (Shaking slightly.) Ready for take-off immediately, weíre leaving. MICAH But Iím not through with the repairs yet. We canít leave until I reconnect all these other... TED (Interrupts quickly.) Donít worry, Iíll help finish this. Just get us ready for take-off. (Ted bends down behind a console and is hidden from view.) MICAH Ready TED? TED (O.S.) Not yet. Pass the tool-box. MICAH Is it that bad? (He grabs a toolbox from the far end of the room, and sets it down near TED.) TED Well... not really. I'm just fixing enough of the system to get us far away from here. Try it now.
Ext. Mysterious Planet - Day (Past.) The Tardais shimmers a moment and resolidifies. Then it slowly dematerializes.
TED Never before had I ever been as scared as that. The Tardais was hurtling back through time and space. I did the only thing I could, but it still followed us.
Ext. High Cliffed Valley - Day (Past.) The Tardais materializes with a clap of thunder. Ted and Micah exit the Tardais, look around a moment, and proceed toward a cavern in the far wall. Int. Cavern - Day (Past.) TED is the first to enter, followed by MICAH. The walls of the semi- circular cavern are covered by banks of computer controls. Lights on the banks blink and flicker. TED walks around a moment looking intently at them, seeming to be looking for a certain panel. He walks over to one, and opens it up. Peering inside for a moment, he reaches inside it and removes several circuit boards.
MICAH TED , what was that circuit board that you removed from that panel over there? (He points towards the panel that TED was standing by.) TED Don't worry, its just their landing circuit. Insurance you might say, so they can't follow us. (A dark ominous shadow falls over Ted, and he quickly grabs MICAH.) We're leaving MICAH. MICAH (In a rushed tone while running towards the Tardais behind Ted.) I agree, but what was that?
Int. Tardais - Day (Past.) MICAH and TED rush into the Tardais, and TED quickly raises the shields.
TED I'm not sure, but it looks dangerous. I don't think we need to stick around, do you? MICAH No. Let's not. I think I'll do the flying for a while.
Ext. Valley - Evening (Past.) The Tardais dematerializes, but as it does so, an odd thing begins to happen to the planet too. It starts to fade into nothingness. Int. Tardais - Day (Past.) TED frantically works at a console wondering what is happening with the Tardais.
MICAH TED, what's happening? We can't be landing. TED did you make a mistake? TED MICAH its not my mistake. We're not landing, but something is trying to materialize around us. I'm going to try and stop it from following us. (He pulls a small metal ball from his pocket, opens the door, and throws it outside. The planet continues to shimmer a moment, then it solidifies.) MICAH What was that? TED Its an electric bomb. It shorts out any electrical device. There's a protective shield on the us, so that the Tardais is unaffected.
Ext. Space - Twilight (Past.) The Tardais streaks away from the now non active planet Aaermos. As the Tardais zooms away, the planet suddenly collapses and turns into a black hole.
MICAH TED ? What's that? TED In our escape, the planet's massive energy collected in a mass and caused a black hole collapse from the center of the planet. This black hole is different from the others that have been recorded. This one is giving off energy instead of taking in all energy. This one looks like a gateway to E-Space. We need to investigate.
Ext. Zero-Space - Day (Past.) The Tardais slowly materializes through the rip in space/time. Space/time returns to normal, and the Tardais sits in a white nothingness. A short distance away in the nothingness, an old wall stands with a pair of double doors set in the center. The doors are slightly ajar. Ted and Micah step out of the Tardais and walk carefully towards it. Int. Ship - Night (Present.)
TED This was the time when we met Ikor, my father... We took him with us when we left, and later became stuck in a time loop. Part of me was within the loop and part was outside of it. The Tardais controls exploded after the prolonged exposure to the time loop, and the ship crash-landed in the past on the ship Titanic.
Int. Ship - Night (Present.) TED stops when the tape ends, replaces it with a new one, and continues.
TED Titanic was a beautiful ship, all forty-six thousand some odd gross tons of it. It was the fastest cruise ship of it's day. There we met Ricky who had been transported there by one of my previous time explosions. We all needed rest. The Titanic seemed like the perfect place for relaxation, but I had overlooked that part of Earth history. I didn't know that the ship would soon hit an iceberg and sink. We nearly sank with it when the Tardais faltered. Ricky joined the crew and we went onward and decided on a better ship, that didn't sink.
Ext. Aaermos - Day (Past.) The Tardais lands on the planet it that Ted had run from so many years ago. Int. Tardais - Day (Past.)
MICAH My god TED... I think we've been here before! TED Micah I think you're right, but I hope not.
Ext. Aaermos - Day (Past.) A VOICE springs from the cliffs surrounding the Tardais.
VOICE Do you remember the planet Crom, from which your journey began? Ted, do you remember when you first disappeared? Ricky, do you remember when you were carted off to Earth? Do you remember when Bigbunny and Micah disappeared and you became lost in space? I Zrohos caused it all, even the planet upon which you stand. Because of you, I am trapped here on this planet, a shadow of what I used to be and will eventually be again. Hahahahahahahahahaha...
Int. Tardais - Day (Past.) TED, and Micah look rather scared, but TED is the first to speak. He stammers for a moment before barely whispering to Micah.
TED Micah this thing was part of you when I found you those many years ago during the River of Blood. I thought that it would die, but it's life-force, your life-force was still alive on my ship. I thought the fires of war would have destroyed such an evil place for all time, but how wrong I was. So many people's blood is on my hands... at my hands Micah. I was very young when my father disappeared and my mother died. My life and family were dead until I found you, but the fires of war burned long after the dead were carried away. The evil survived and became the fire. I've seen the beginning of destruction with death flowing behind me. Now I must end what I began so many years ago. I must end the evil forever...
Int. Tardais - Day (Past.) Ted pulls the lever that opens the door. It opens, and he runs out towards the cave. Int. Cave - Evening (Past.) TED runs into the cave and begins to smash the control panels on the walls with his hands. His rage burns like a fire in his eyes. The shadow appears and tries to stop him, but TED overcomes the shadow and continues to smash the controls. The ceiling begins to collapse, and TED cries one tear before uttering one last phrase. After uttering the phrase, he slowly vanishes.
TED I will return...
Ext. Tedland - Day (Past.) The Tardais lands inside TedCastle. Micah goes to his room to sleep off the terror and sorrow of the day. Ikor goes to the library and finds an old leather bound book. The cover is old and faded but parts of it can still be read. It reads "T.. Legendary." He opens the book and a PAGE is easily visible.
PAGE TEDLAND HISTORY The inventions of Theodore Amaz Jhan have majorly effected Tedland. He created the Walls of Spartaeen. On Tedland and Stonehenge on Earth. These walls supposedly prevent Earth and Tedland from combining, or utterly destroying each. The theory of their true purpose is still unknown. The inventions of the Tardais by Ted allows the occupant to travel through time/space. It is still being developed by Ted. The Tardais was used to travel to Earth and repair the walls when an earthling disrupted their fields. Circa 9030. Earth Year 2000. Page 5097
Int. Micah's Room - Night (Past.) Micah begins to dream. TED enters the dream and instructs Micah what to do.
TED Micah go to the hidden Garden of Night. Find the green secrets book in the library. This opens a secret panel, behind which is the secret room. Keep it a secret from all. Remember...
Ext. Aaermos - Day (Past.) MICAH awakens on the planet. His bed sits on a ridge. Nearby at the top of the ridge, a small plateau. The dark SHADOW stands there, waiting for him.
SHADOW I will destroy you MICAH like I destroyed Ted. MICAH Your future is set. You will die before me. The future will backtrack and wipe you and your infernal existence from the face of this planet. SHADOW No.........
Int. TedCastle - Day (Past.) Micah reappears in his room and goes to the library. Following Ted's instructions, he searches the shelves for the green book. Finding it, he pulls the book out and the book- case slides in and to reveal a small garden. In the center of the garden, three grave- stones sit slightly tilted on a mound. Micah sits on the ground and reads Ted's GRAVE.
GRAVE Here lies the last act of Ted. He lived to serve his people. To die for his friends, and for his cause... The Tedstory
Int. Library - Late Evening (Past.) Micah writes in the newest history book under the date 13040, page 8074. The TEXT can be seen over one of Micahís shoulders.
TEXT Ted disappears. Leaving his magic spell book, he leaves his knowledge in the library. I keep all of his secrets hidden from everyone. I alone, know of the things that Ted once knew. My life and acts are alive and will continue in the stead of Ted until he returns.