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Int. Ship Room - Night (Present.) TED sits in a darkened room in a derelict ship named the Zychron. He continues his story after he changes the tape in his recording device.
TED I developed the original Tardais and added a few things of my own design. An experimental engine. Time and again this engine was proven to not work. It's energy requirements for startup was that of immense proportions. That didn't matter really... What did matter, was finding myself.
Int. Tardais - Day (Past.) Micah enters the Tardais and finishes connecting wires under the main console. He stands up, brushes off the knees of his pants and flicks a toggle on the console. Next to this toggle, a locked panel with bright red WRITING can be seen.
WRITING *CAUTION* Experimental IRIS System This system has not been successfully activated. Use only in dire emergency. This panel is locked, key is located in compartment 2-A under console 3. Upon activation, a recording device will record all actions occurring after said activation. If system fails, depress red fail-safe button.
Int. Tardais - Day (Past.) MICAH glances at it for a moment and reaches inside his shirt to reveal a chain with a small silver key attached to it.
MICAH Only as a last resort. I'll find you Ted. If I have to go to the end of time itself. I will find you...
Ext. Mysterious Planet - Day (Past.) The Tardais lands, and Micah steps out expecting to be greeted by the interior of the Tardais. Instead, he is surprised by a landscape that is rather nightmarish and oddly colored.
TED (O.S.) MICAH, last human from Earth... He alone can save us... MICAH Where are you? TED (O.S.) I am everything that you see and hear. Dasto will save you in exchange for passage back to Earth. I can't talk any longer, I'm so tired... (His voice wavers and falters before he tries to continue.) I. Must. Tell. You. What. I sta... a... (His voice falters again and dies away.) MICAH Ted?
Ext. Mysterious Planet - Evening (Past.) A ragged man runs up to MICAH.
MICAH Are you DASTO? DASTO Yes. Could we go inside your ship? MICAH I guess...
Int. Tardais - Day (Past.) DASTO and MICAH enters the Tardais. They continue into the back room and sit down in a Victorian style room. MICAH sits in a high-backed wing chair and DASTO sits on a small stool.
DASTO What kind of ship is this? MICAH Slightly top-secret. I must ask a favor of you though. DASTO What kind of favor? MICAH Do you know anything about robotics? DASTO Yes. Do you need help with a robot you have? MICAH Yes and no... DASTO What do you mean by yes and no? MICAH Well its not a robot I have, but the robot I am. DASTO You're joking right? MICAH No. (He lifts his shirt up to expose small gears, wiring, and small motors beneath.) DASTO Oh... MICAH As you can see, I'm far from being finished. Could you help? DASTO I think so, but I'll have to do it when you go offline.
Int. Ship - Night (Present.)
TED The mirror is a powerful weapon. It reflects all that is put into it, both life and death. In this case, it brings life and a new understanding of what it means to be alive. It shows changes that have been made to increase the every day pleasures of life. The past is mended, and the future resumes its plotted course. Past mistakes begin to be resolved. Both part of my self are temporarily restored. Time and space still remain a barrier between my selves. My father was the first to understand how I was split apart throughout time. Life is never what it appears to be, only a shimmering image of the past. The light of my life faded through time, and resumed later somewhere in the future. Complete and utter loneliness in-between... The tape ends, and he pauses for a long time sitting in contemplation.) Love lost, or misplaced... Once again alone without comforts...