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Ext. Space - Night (present.) The Tardais floats through empty space. Int. Tardais - Night (Present.) The single occupant sits huddled in a corner oblivious to the entire world. Time has little meaning to this being, but it is still counted by. Somewhere in the far distant future TED's voice, an echo to the past continues.
TED For a long time I cared for nothing. All of my loves were dead and gone. Only I remained. My past had ended, and the present was slowly catching up to me. Soon I would rejoin Micah in his ongoing quest to find his true identity.
Ext. English Tran Station - Morning (Past.) MICAH awakens to find himself sitting amongst piles of baggage. The morning dew is wet on his clothes, and a train's passengers are boarding. The platform is crowded with people. A ragged old MAN begins ranting and raving. The crowd gives this MAN no attention, but gives him more room.
MAN None of you have any idea what is coming. The world is coming to its end. Only a wizard can save it. Only Dr. Jhan knows what is coming. He can stop it from coming. He knows what it is. MICAH Over here sir! (Shouts over the noise the man is making.) Come over here. (He stands up and wipes some of the dew from his shirt and tries to appear that he hadn't slept on a bench all night.) Sir, I am Dr. Jhan. (The man staggers towards him, and drops a fat LETTER in Micah's hand before disappearing back into the crowd. LETTER (Written in an elegant hand.) Ye presence is required at the Hiffjoffle Castle this fine evening to discuss my brother's demise. Hampron Jhan
Ext. Train Station - Day (Past.) Micah boards his train and it departs for Hiffjoffle. The train winds its way through the valley and onward into the mountains. Ext. Hiffjoffle Station - Evening (Past.) Micah steps off the train and it begins to wind its way away from the station. Micah wanders through the long disused station, and comes upon a castle SERVANT holding a carriage door open for him.
SERVANT My master wishes that you come to the castle. He welcomes you, and hopes that you will enjoy your stay while you are here. Here is the MESSAGE he wants me to give to you. MESSAGE (Written in an elegant hand.) I entrust that you had a comfortable journey. I will meet you in person tomorrow night in the great hall for dinner at 7.
Int. Ship - Night (Present.)
TED Micah was beginning to understand who and what I was. He now understands or is beginning to question his own existence. He later knew who Hampron really was. They had met at the 13th annual Ted Challenge. He even began to realize where the Tardais had been built. During that time, I was part of the Artem Project. The original Ted, or what was left of him. Not the creator, but the created. With a new Tardais, Micah went in search for the second me.
Int. Hotel - Day (Past.) The Tardais lands and MICAH steps out. With the key in hand, he is greeted by a strange little MAN. He carefully pockets the key, and another Tardais lands behind the MAN.
MAN You can't park those boxes here. Are you the winter caretaker? MICAH No. I was just leaving. I'm waiting for my ride. I'll move these in a bit. MAN Okay, but move your trunks from the middle of the passageway. (He walks away to another room.) MICAH (He enters the other Tardais and falls into a colored vortex. Large numbers float by, and Micah stares at the numbers trying to make sense of why he's not standing in a control room. He suddenly seems to make sense of the numbers, and focuses his thoughts toward the control room. This attempt fails, and he lands roughly in a green field. He looks up and is greeted by a SIADRAT.) SIADRAT Who are you, and how did you come to be here? MICAH For starters who are you? SIADRAT I am Siadrat, ruler of this land! I shall only ask once more. Who are you and how did you come to my domains? MICAH I am Micah, take me to Ted. SIADRAT There is no person in my domain that goes by this name. I will trust that you are a sorcerer who was promised by the voice from the sky. MICAH Yes. The voice from the sky, does he speak often? SIADRAT Yes. He speaks from a strange room in my castle. The room is different from all other rooms in my castle. I will take you to see it. (He walks towards the nearby tower, and Micah follows him.
Int. Castle - Day (Past.) SIADRAT leads MICAH up several flights of stairs to a large gray metallic looking door. He pushes it open, and the Tardais control room lies beyond.
SIADRAT Here is the sacred room. The voice speaks to me from here.
Int. Ship - Night (Present.)
TED Micah easily figured out what had happened, but he jumped into the situation without first considering why this strange nightmare had been caused. Ted from the future had found the real Bigbunny, but his Tardias was attacked by something. Micah unlocks the sequence and is forced to give up his own Tardais to save Ted and Bigbunny.
Int. Tardais - Day (Past.)
TED MICAH let me fill you in... (MICAH interrupts him suddenly.) MICAH When did we last meet exactly? There are a few questions that I'd like the answers to. There seem to be too many, well you's aroung lately. Quite frankly I'm having trouble figuring out which one of you is really you. I've seen you die twice, but still there you stand. TED What are you talking about? There's only one of me, I think. I thought I saw the Tardais land before we arrived, but now I know that it was yours. I haven't died, I don't think?
Int. Ship - Night (Past.)
TED Micah was always like that. In the end though, he was a great friend and sometimes he reminded me of a younger version of myself. I later learned that he was a past me. A me that hadn't seen all of the things that I'd seen, not yet anyway. The time for the final confrontation was nearing.
Int. Artem Project - Evening (Past.) An old cave with a green glowing column at its center. TED enters with Micah at his side.
TED Micah, you must know what you truly are. I am sure that at some point you began to piece together who and what you are a part of. You are my past, and this (points to the column) my far distant future. You are the only being of my time- line that will go to the end and continue on. Our evil side was destroyed. One day the memories, and thoughs that we share will be revealed to you. (He becomes transparent, then fades away.)
Int. Ship - Night (Present.)
TED The whole of myself landed here at the end of time. I cannot stay here long. I have seen what was created, and now I understand what will happen when I go back. I now become the teacher, and perhaps some- thing more.
Int. Tardais - Day (Present.) MICAH stands behind the control console typing in coordinates. The Tardais Shakes slightly and MICAH mutters to himself. The interior lights fail, and the Tardais lands. MICAH mutters to himself, and exits.
MICAH Daja vu? Nah, I feel like I'm back where I started.
Ext. Tardais - Night (Present.) From a nearby room, a beeping noise sounds and stops. MICAH begins looking around. Deep in the bowels of the ship, a generator kicks into life, and the lights flicker on. The beeping sounds again, and MICAH follows it to the nearest room.
MICAH Anyone there? XAVIUS (O.S.) (His voice comes in ove an intercom.) Hello this is a survivor of the ship Myldon. The rest of the crew died onboard my ship during the storm. I was in the airlock returning from the Zychron during an exploratory mission when the storm hit. I was blown from the airlock and managed to get aboard the Zychron. I've been aboard her for nearly a year now. Can I come aboard? MICAH This is MICAH aboard the Crestfallen. What is your name, and what planet do you pledge allegiance to? XAVIUS My name is XAVIUS, last of the Niads from the planet Crom. My great grand- father Theodore Amaz Jhan left a message for me, more of a quest really. It told me to go in search of the Tardais, whatever it is. I'm entering air- lock seven now. MICAH I'm up on level 19 on the bridge. XAVIUS You seem to know all about me, but I don't know much about you. I know that you are aboard a Tedlandic ship named Crestfallen, and that your first name is Micah. Would you care to tell me who you are and how you came to be here? (Enters the bridge and sits next to MICAH.) MICAH I consider myself a close friend of Ted. I was taken in by him as a boy. For many years he was my teacher until he passed away. My original name is Zhermos, in Cassonian it means part of another. Throughout time I have been called MICAH JHAN. XAVIUS How did you get here? Obviously not in this ship. The engines look like they've been blown completely off. MICAH Well... I arrived in my Tardais, but at the moment its out of power and it will take at least a week to be flyable again. XAVIUS A week aboard this derelict? MICAH Yeah... (More interested in looking at the computer console in front of him. He sits on the floor and opens a maintenance panel below the console.) Odd? XAVIUS What's the matter? MICAH It seems that whoever was here went through a lot of trouble to disable this ship. Trashed all of the onboard wiring. Left the communications, and this life indicator on though. (He closes the panel and sits back in the chair. Staring out the window, a dead body floats by.) Oh... XAVIUS Strange. What do you think happened here? The bridge door is trashed, and most of the ship functions have been destroyed. Not to mention the engines being blown to bits. MICAH I don't know, but the reactor is still online. I can jump- start the Tardais. Let's go. (He hears a rustling in the next room and goes to investigate.) XAVIUS go and hook up the cables from the Tardais power box marked in red and pull the two wires out. Hook them to these two wires here. (Points to the two wires sparking from the destroyed panel by the door.) There should be enough power in that wall switch to do the job. I've got to go check on some- thing, I'll be right back. (He pushes the door of the next room open, and peers inside. In a dark corner something moves.) Hello? RAVIK Who, who are you? You're not one of them are you? MICAH One of what? RAVIK One of the aliens. MICAH No. My ship crash-landed here on your vessel. We're preparing to jumpstart our engines by using your warp core. Are you the sole... RAVIK (Interrupts him.) We must leave now. I have to get away from here. All three hundred under my command were killed by this invisible alien force. It was killing people in C Deck before the fire doors closed off this part of the ship. The air supply is almost out. We must leave. MICAH What's your name? RAVIK Colonel Ravik. MICAH We should be ready. XAVIUS, are we ready to jumpstart? (Walks back towards the Tardais with Ravik.) XAVIUS Yes. MICAH
Int. Tardais - Day (Present.) Xavius runs into the back room followed by Ravik. Micah backs in with the rope in hand and ties himself down. He hits the remote button and the monster gets sucked out into space. Micah closes the Tardais door and the room repressurized. The power source flickered and with a wavering jolt, the Tardais lands on Tedland. Micah opens the door and the power fails completely. Ext. Tardais - Evening (Present.) MICAH, Xavius, and Ravik step out of the Tardais. TED greets them outside. TED MICAH, your Tardais has enough power to save this planet from the black hole that is approaching. This must be your mission alone. You must capture the black hole in the IRIS system. MICAH I will return. Im going to stay with one of my friends for a while. If I dont come back in a week, youll know Im gone. Ext. Tardais Night (Present.) The Tardais nears the black hole and it begins to spiral into the Tardais. After a moment, both the Tardais and the black hole vanish into a swirling cloud of utter darkness and an off dingy blue. Int. Tardais Night (Present.) The dimly lit Tardais control room is lit only by the lights on the control panels that each create a small patch of their dim colored light. Time slows and Micah pushes the activation button on the IRIS program system. Time stops completely after Micah pushes down on the button, and Micah seems to become fuzzy around the edges. The Tardais shudders a moment and time returns to normal. Moments later, the Tardais crashes through several floors of a large building to come to rest in a large foyer. Ext. Tardais Day (Present.) Micah steps out of the Tardais and is greeted by a MAN standing nearby. He looks up at the ceiling for a moment, and the holes disappear. He smiles lightly and walks toward Micah.
MAN Are you the new professor? Hampson would like to see you in his office.