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Int. Hampson’s Office – Day (Present.) MICAH enters HAMPSON’S office and sits down. The MAN leaves and closes the door behind him.
HAMPSON Welcome MICAH, have a seat. I need Your help. I need a Defense against Dark Magic teacher. No one else has come forward to take the position, and you seem to have come at the right time. I know that you also have had plenty of experience. MICAH I’ll take it on one condition. HAMPSON What condition? MICAH Meals and boarding. HAMPSON That’s included in the package of being a teacher here. Since we don’t currently have a house head for the Jhan house, you’ll be in charge of them. The four other houses are the Mists, Hafjavens, Darmaks, and the Andronomes. (Hands Micah a small packet of papers.) Here are all of your rosters, merit scales, general rules of the school, school map showing your room and password. Classrooms you teach in, are highlighted and their corresponding times. Class begins first thing tomorrow. Breakfast is at nine, lunch is at twelve, and dinner is at six. Your trunk will be taken up to your room, and I’ll let you tour the building and get yourself acquainted. (He buries himself behind the papers piled on his desk. Micah sees himself to the door and closes it behind himself when he exits.)
Int. Hallway – Day (Present.) Micah wanders the hallways and gets a basic layout of the building in his mind. He returns to his door and mutters the password. It slowly swings open and he enters. The door swings quickly shut behind him. The window across the hall looks out over the front grounds of the school and a large number of people fill the front grounds. From this height the people seem to be separated into ten different groups. One group has already begun to depart from the grounds and is moving toward the rear of the school. The other groups seem to mill around the front of the building. Two figures come rushing up the path to the school and enter the building. Int. Tardais – Day (Present.) Micah enters and goes to one of the consoles. His back hides his hands from view, but the clicking of keys on a keyboard can be heard. After a minute of clicking and random beeps, Micah exits. Int. Hampson’s Office – Day (Present.) HAMPSON sits behind his desk. The large pile of papers have been moved aside so that he can see the young boy that sits in a chair in front of his desk.
HAMPSON We brought you in here because you are from Tedland, and that you somehow ended the Magic War. I also need to make sure that our information file about you is correct. Your name is SYLVESTER Greenleaf. Your age is twelve. Your planet of birth is Tedland. Current resident of the planet Earth. A single child, parents died four years ago during the Magic War, no current relative or guardian. Is this information all correct? SYLVESTER Yes. HAMPSON Not very talkative huh? SYLVESTER Not really. My parents disappeared during an excavation dig at the ruins of Grande Le Hoffe and I was taken in by a very old and wise man who lived near the ruins. He said that one day the true owners would return, and with them the castle of dreams. I don’t have any money, but I can clean and keep things tidy. HAMPSON Well... (He gets up from his desk.) I don’t think that you’ll have to do that, but I do think there’s some- one that you should meet. I’m sure that he can help you. He used to live at Grande Le Hoffe back when it was called TedCastle. I’m sure he’ll be glad to pay for your training with us. SYLVESTER You really don’t have to do that. HAMPSON I don’t, but I feel that I need to. You shouldn’t be left alone with a power like yours. Untrained, it would go to a terrible waste, but if you were trained, you could one day become someone of great power that many dream of.
Int. Hallway – Early Evening (Present.) HAMPSON leads SYLVESTER to MICAH’S door and knocks several times. From within, MICAH can be heard sleeping. HAMPSON knocks several times more and MICAH mutters to himself on the other side of the door. The door opens and HAMPSON leads SYLVESTER into the darkened room. The door swings shut behind them, and the room is plunged into complete darkness. After a moment, the room is filled with a magic light that seems to spread across the ceiling. MICAH sits on the bed fully clothed, but his extremely worn shoes sit at the edge of the nearby table.
MICAH Yes HAMPSON, what is it? I was just taking a nap after my long voyage, and collecting my thoughts. HAMPSON Nice touch with the lights. This is... MICAH (He interrupts Hampson.) Yes, SYLVESTER Greenleaf. The one Who ended the Magic War that devastated Tedland for many years. You can go Hampson. (Hampson opens the door and leaves. The door quickly swings shut behind him when he leaves.) SYLVESTER So you once lived at the castle that once stood at the ruins of Grande Le Hoffe. MICAH Yes. Long ago when it was better known as TedCastle, the castle of dreams. A place that overlooked the Lake of Dreams. Such a long time ago in your eyes. I left the castle during the year twenty forty ten. In earth years it translates to the year thirteen twelve. I can see it in your eyes that you have no family. What happened to them? SYLVESTER They were engulfed in a fire that seemed to come from the lake. They were burned by the searing fire that reduced them to ash in mere seconds. You are the only one I seem to have left. I don’t wish to be a burden, but I do wish to harness my magic. MICAH Yes. I think I can pay for your schooling. I am no parent, but I will treat you as an equal when not in a classroom. Your classes begin tomorrow morning at nine. Good night SYLVESTER. SYLVESTER Good night Professor Jhan.
Int. Hallway – Night (Present.) Sylvester leaves Micah’s room and walks back toward the Jhan house bedrooms and finds an unoccupied bed and falls asleep in it. Int. Micah’s Room – Night (Present.) Micah falls asleep again on the bed. A brief dream floats through his mind as he lightly dozes. A pair of golden eyes glow from within the darkness of a mirror set upon an undistinguishable wall, a garden behind the walls of the library. A grave of an old friend long since dead. A friend who is very much alive in the time that Micah had previously left. A pathway through the mirror, but a mirror cannot hold any pathways through magic. The magic is reflected back, but this is not a magic that can be explained by anyone except for the owner of the golden eyes. A long distant memory of Ted speaking about E-Space and how it could be accessed through a mirror in both universes. A page filled with seemingly useless babble scrolls through his mind, and a VOICE of power speaks to him through the dream.
VOICE These codes will help you one day return to Tedland in the same week that you promised you would return. Tell Ted that I still love him as a father and as a close friend.
Ext. Micah’s Room – Night (Present.) The corridors are now brightly lit with the same magic light that Micah used in his room several hours previously. A student knocks on Micah’s door, waking him up for dinner. He walks onward to the dining room and is followed by Micah several minutes later. Int. Dining Room – Night (Present.) Torches line the walls, but the true illumination comes from the magic glowing light on the ceiling. Five multicolored banners hang on the walls. Only their basic colors can be seen from this angle. Six rows of tables fill the room. One row is lined perpendicular to the others and has many teachers sitting at it. The other five tables are slightly colored with the same colors as the banners. There are already many students seated at the tables. Thenew students enter the room and are lined against a nearby wall. The students and theteachers rise for a moment, then sit down when HAMPSON enters the room. He pulls his chairaway from the table, and pushes it against a nearby wall. He stands before the students and begins his speech.
HAMPSON Welcome to another year at Habdens. Welcome first years, and I will warn you now. To all students, the lake is strictly forbidden as is the forest of despair. The first year here will be scary to those who are easily tricked by those other students. We have a new house head for the Jhan house after the last one was turned into a frog and squashed by people who shall remain nameless. He is a Jhan himself, welcome Professor Micah Jhan. He has come to us all the way from the great and mystical land of Tedland and we welcome him warmly. Let us all stay safe in this coming year, and may the student sorting begin. (The first years step forward, and each of their shirts glow the color of their new house banner.) Let dinner begin.
Ext. Dining Room After Dinner – Night (Present.) MICAH and HAMPSON leave the dining room and walk casually toward MICAH’S room.
MICAH HAMPSON, did Ikor build, or help build this school? HAMPSON Yes he did. Ted also helped on numerous occasions. They made the school impervious to outside magics. The others only worked on the inside of the building and never were able to understand the spells that went into the protection of this haven for magic. There was one thing that was able to get in, but that was so very long ago that not many here can still remember it. It felt like a icy darkness that seemed to fill the corridors late at night. You could some- times hear it searching for some- thing in the library. It could have been my imagination though. You almost feel like a Headmaster of sorts. Well, good night. Class first thing in the morning after breakfast. MICAH (Opens his door, goes in and it begins to close behind him.) Good night. HAMPSON Wait, one more thing? What is in that box of yours? MICAH Something Ted made for me. Cheap travel, he called it. It some- times is more of a hassle than it’s worth. Good night again. (The door finally swings shut behind him.)