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Int. Classroom Ė Early Morning (Present.) MICAH sits behind the teacherís desk in the classroom. On closer inspection, he is writing out some kind of a quiz. The writing is illegible, and seems to glow with magic. The single page on his desk suddenly multiplies several times, and leaves a stack of papers sitting on MICAHíS desk. He smiles for a moment, and the students begin filing into the classroom. They take their seats and MICAH stands up to greet them. After they all sit down, MICAH begins.
MICAH Welcome. I am Professor Jhan. As most of you know, I am the teacher of History and Defense against Dark Magic. Before coming here, I battled several evil magicians. This class is to prepare you against the Dark Arts and the many evil cohorts that it entails. STUDENT A question? MICAH Your name and house? SYNTHA Syntha Goodard, Jhan house. MICAH Your question? SYNTHA How will you figure out what we know. MICAH Good question. Jhan house Gets two merits. This quiz I am fixing to hand out is a magical simulation. You will battle fifty creatures in an hour long time frame. You will have a five minute break after the completion of every ten creatures. Normal time stops now, and the quiz time begins.
Ext. Dry Plains Ė Late Morning (Present.) Twenty students are lined up at an approximate thirty feet apart. They cannot see each other or MICAH.
MICAH If each of you would state your name clearly and be ready for question one. Prepare for battle. The first forty creatures are basic magical creatures, five are advanced magical creatures, and the last five are advanced Dark Arts magicians. Begin! (He stands back and watches the students battle. Suddenly a darkness falls over the entire battle ground.) A new challenge... SHADOW So we meet again MICAH. MICAH So we do. This meeting, however, will be very brief. SHADOW Brief? No, not this time. For you maybe, but I will stand for a longer time than you. Tedís magic can no longer hurt me. MICAH Tedís might not, but my powers will. Since we last met, I have become stronger in the magic forces that Ted held from me for so many years. I have also learned to use your own powers against you. SHADOW Ha! You think you could master the immense power of my forces? I donít think you could even begin to wield my forces!
Ext. Classroom Ė Day (Present.) HAMPSON and a fellow teacher stand outside the classroom door and watch the battle from afar. The fellow teacher has already tried to open the door but is unable to even budge it with his magic. They can only stand and watch the ongoing battle taking place within.
HAMPSON My god! Whatís that in there with Micah? TEACHER I donít know, but Iím sure that if he needed help weíd know. Iím sure he can deal with that thing in there with him. HAMPSON I hope so. TEACHER I hope so too.
Int. Battleground Ė Day (Present.) The students continue their battles unaware that their teacher is engaged in a battle of his own. MICAH faces the evil before him, and the students continue their battles behind the SHADOW.
MICAH Well, weíll see. I always like to have a plan in case some- thing like this happens. A few spells of my own creation. SHADOW A plan, and a few spells that you've created? I donít believe your lies. Ted did the same thing when he was very near the end. I killed him shortly after his failed attempt of a spell. It fizzled and died, just like he did. You will die in the same way, you are mine. (His hands glow amber red as he begins his spell of destruction.) MICAH (His hands begin to glow blindingly white and the light seems to engulf the SHADOW.) Take this on for size. SHADOW Ooh that tickles! MICAH Just wait. (The light begins bouncing off the invisible barriers surrounding them and glows brighter. The SHADOW screams, and then vanishes into the blinding light. He is able to utter one last word before being extinguished.) SHADOW Revenge... (His voice fades away.)