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    The year is now 30742. The quest for Ted2 begins. After barely escaping the destruction of Crom, the
Tardais flies blindly onward. The Tardais console panels explode, leaving a charred burnt-out hunk of metal.
The Tardais crashes to a jarringly abrupt halt. The interior room fills with dark vaporous clouds of smoke as
the main doors are frantically pried open. They crawl out of the Tardais into the jaws of a beige carpeted,
wood paneled nightmare. The beige fades into a blood stained field, and the wood fades into a dark steamy
summer night's sky... the vague memory of utter fear envelops Micah. A voice floats heavily through the air
surrounding him.

    "...I found you years ago during the end of the River of Blood... the River of Blood. I thought it would die...
an evil planet... evil. The fires of war continued to burn long after the dead were carried away. The dead are
here Micah, they're here..."

     A corpse from the past appears before me, the long-dead Shadow. It reeks like the whole valley around me.
It stares blankly, seeming to ponder it's existence. It decides this, then it's bones and muscles protest an attempt
of speech. In an eerie husky-like voice it stutters one phrase. "Y-yoh-or M-mi-hine..."

     The sky fades into wood paneled ceilings, the blood soaked valley fades away and returns to the beige carpet
it was before. The corpse remains, but seems out of place. A strong memory, the Shadow never wore a bellhop
uniform. The single unsettling fact of the new nightmare. It speaks again, but with a younger more energetic voice.

     "Sirs? Your steamer trunk is smoking. Sirs?"

     I stare blankly at it. The image of the corpse morphs into a young man with dark red hair and still wearing the
bellhop uniform. A normal, living person. The ghost is gone. A stitched name-tag presents him as Frederick.

     "Are you alright sirs?"

     "We're fine. My luggage caught fire... Strangest thing."

     "Strange things always happen around here. Your friend looks a little pale, is he okay?"

     "I'm fine. My name is Sil and this is Micah. We're uh, we're..."

     "We're checking in for a spell."

     "I'm Frederick. We don't get many winter guests at the Hotel De Grande. The weather in these parts get a little
rough. The snow can get up to thirty feet deep in the drifts. The roads'll go out in about a week. The snow's already
coming down on the next ridge and the state plows don't come this far up the mountain. If you stay, it will be several
months until the snow clears. You're welcome to stay of course, if you don't mind helping out some."

     "Not at all. We walked up most of the drive. Our car broke down coming up the mountain, and a guy was nice
enough to point us in this direction. He wouldn't dare drive us up, said something about evil spirits."

     "The tow truck doesn't come up this way. You'd better be a doctor, your friend doesn't look so good."

     "He'll be fine after he rests a while. Where would you like us to stay?"

     "At the end of the hall on the right. Need any help?"


     "Take your friend to your room. The door is open. I'll get a cart for your trunk. I'll be back in a couple of minutes."

     "Right then."

     I carry Sil to our room and place him on the bed. His internal energy levels fluctuate and begin to drop rapidly.
I carefully open his repair port and dig around in the charred remnants for a moment. I remove the contents and
begin rewiring Sil's repair systems.


    Awakening into a dream, Sil sits at a table with three others. The only light is an old Victorian style stained glass
overhead lamp. It illuminates the table and its occupants, but obscures all other things beyond. The rest is pure darkness.

     "Where am I? Where's Micah?"

     "Does it matter where you are?"

     "Micah isn't here, only you."

     "Micah doesn't matter. Ante up."

     "I have to get back. I can't play."

     "If you leave, you'll be in the darkness."

     "There's nothing but darkness."

     "We're playing Quindoc. Ante up."

     "Is there anything past the darkness?"

     "There is light, but you will never reach it."

    "Never reach it."

     "Are you in? I'll start at three spots and hide fwo."

     "I'll watch for now."

     "Suit yourself. I'll raise your fwo hidden Quindoc, and raise you three."

     "I'll see that bet and raise one."

     "I've got a twenty-eleventh and fourth-eighth."

     "I'll match that and raise it with a Quackteen."

     "I'll win the round with Qintwelfth, and start round two with a fwo and one hidden."

     "What are all those names?"

     "Three spots is this little block. A fape is a draw from this bag. Fwo is this red block. Hidden is the
mystery block or blocks kept under the cups. Everything else is number blocks. Each number block
has its appropriate dots. We count up all of the points from the blocks we possess and the final number
block total is revealed. The one with the highest block total wins the round. I'll win with a Xintwelfth and
start round three with three fwo and a hidden."

     "I'll lower a fwo, raise a hidden and fape a fourth-eighth."

     "I've got only a Kintelvinth and a draw. I'm out."

     "I'll meet the draw and be a fwo higher."

     "I'll win round three with Pintelvinth and start round four with two fwo hidden."

(    Sil... Sil... Come back.)

(    I can't... I'm trapped here.)

(    Sil. Remember the Tardais, remember me. Come back... Come back.)

     "... and raise three. Finalize round five with a Zintwelfth and tie with you two. I'll start round six..."

     The table and its occupants fade away into darkness, fully enveloping Sil. The darkness grows fuzzy
and a wood paneled ceiling comes into focus. Micah's face appears from one side concealing the image

of the ceiling.

     "Am I back?"

     "Back from where Sil?"

     "Never mind Micah. My internal system registers recorded a module rupture and replacement. The
modules are now running at one hundred percent plus. All systems reset to nominal operating. My internal
clock needs to be reset. What is the current IST?"

     "The current IST is 30742:379:12:48 you've been in repair stasis for two hours."

     "What happened to the Tardais?"

     "The Tardais was caught in the outward explosion of the planet Crom. Ted2 disappeared shortly before
the planet erupted. The radiation destroyed all of the controls in the Tardais. There's nothing left of the
panels. The whole unit has to be replaced."

     "Can we do that?"

     "No. We'll have to use parts of the old unit. All of the exterior is fine if we cleaned out all of the fused
boards. I think we can put something together though."

     "Can I work on that? You look like you could use a recharge."

     "That's not a bad idea Sil. You've still got all the Tardais blueprints and so forth."

     "I'll get right on it."

     "If you have any questions, refer to the system disks here. I'll see you after recharge."


    Micah appears into the dream standing in front of TedCastle. The old wizened figure of Ikor appears on
the drawbridge and casually floats toward Micah. Drawing closer, he stops short of running into him.

    "Hello Micah. You must leave the hotel, it is a place that pure darkness has touched. You must leave..."

    Ikor grows transparent and fades away, his strong presence remains. An older Xavius appears on the far
side of the drawbridge and beckons Micah to follow.

    "Come Micah, I must show you something."

    Micah walks toward Xavius. TedCastle disappears, and is replaced by a memory. They stand in the Tardais
control room watching Ted and Bigbunny from the other side of the console panel.

    "Open the back door. Find the girl who is lost within the maze of corridors. She has very little time, you must hurry..."

    "Who is she, how did she get in?"

    "She is Lynn, my sister. She wandered into the Tardais and became lost in its immense labyrinth of corridors.
Ted left the door open when he saved Bigbunny, and Lynn wandered in. She has not aged, but she is in grave danger.
No more questions. Find her now!"

    The dream fades away and reality returns. The sounds of Sil tinkering in the Tardais float out toward Micah. The wall
clock reads seven thirty-four, and a feeling of urgency arises. The clock appears to count down toward a moment of
death for a brief second before Micah rushes into the Tardais.

    "Sil, help me search the Tardais. Go down to R Deck and start searching up. There's a girl lost somewhere in here."


    "Just go, she has about eight minutes left!"

    Sil drops the tools he's working with and opens the interior door. Rushing down the Tardais corridor, his racing
footsteps recede down the long corridor. Only an echo remains. The memory of the valley returns to Micah, he
shudders momentarily before beginning his search. The first room, a bowling alley full of dust and the strong feeling
of long disuse. The pool room, empty dry pool and more dust. The garden room, overgrown and in need of many
numerous pruning jobs. Old storage rooms, also full of untouched dust. The robotics lab, still running the dust free
environment filter and still locked from the outside. Another storage room, footsteps in the dust.

    "Anyone in here?"

    "Who... who's there?"

    "I'm Micah, a relative of Xavius."

    "Is he here?"

    "No, I'm afraid not. Do you need any help?"

    "I think my leg is broken. How long have I been here?"

    "I don't know. Are you Lynn?"

    "Yes, but most people call me Ilana"

    "Sil, come up here. I've found her."


    Sil ran into the room several minutes later with an expression of surprise on his face. He holds a
small box out to Micah. He presses the sides of the box, and a holographic image of Ted appears.
It's lips move, but no sound escapes from the holograph box.

    "I found it down in P Deck. I'll take her out, you take this and go take a look around down there."

    "Right. See you later."

    Sil takes Ilana out of the Tardais, and I walk down to P Deck. At the end of the hallway, a beeping
noise erupts from behind a closed door. In a fading coat of paint, the label on the door reads "P-9."
Opening the door, a small circular control panel sits in the center of the room beeping. A small insert
in the console blinks. I walk toward it and insert the holograph box into the blinking slot on the console.
The entire console lights up, and Ted's image floats onto the screen.

    "Testing. Testing. This thing on? Oh, there we go. Hello Micah, or whoever might have found this.
This console is my greatest achievement and the most dangerous invention I've ever made, it has
harnessed the destructive force called R-Space. A control panel for this unit has been placed on Sil's
blueprints. The per use unlock pad will only recognize your internal timing mechanisms Micah.
Message ends here."

    Ted's image fades, and is replaced by a simulation screen. An R-Space sphere spreads out from
underneath Tardais and engulfs the entire planet. The console goes dark. He's harnessed the power of
R-Space, the most destructive force in all of the known universes. This wasn't the only force he had left
me, his magic spell book was encased in a glass-like sphere across the room.

(    Without the key, the door cannot be opened. Without the translation, the singular language is dead.
     Find the key to the door, and you will control all that can be seen. Time watches all but us...)

(    Hahaha... You will never find the key within my dark tower. The translation is scattered across
     all of time and space. You will never find it.)

(    I am Micah. I have conquered you before and I shall conquer you again. Rejoice not against me, mine
     enemy. When I fall, I shall arise again. When I sleep, another stands guard. When I die, I shall be
     reborn. When time ends, I shall stand there waiting.)


(    Micah, the legendary can help you find the twenty pieces of the translation and the key. It is the
     chapter of magic.)

    Ted's thought overcomes the evil. The legendary is the guide to finding both parts of the key. Once the
Tardais is repaired, we journey to Tedland and begin our search for the legendary. I walk toward the sphere
and stare into its depths. With this, I will save you Ted.

(    I'll make our final challenge interesting Micah. You wish to have Ted back. I have hidden the
     legendary within the walls of the hotel. If you can find it, all of Ted will be released. If you fail, the
     final piece of Ted will become mine. Remember the Death Maze? Hahaha...)

    I exit the Tardais after the brief confrontational thought explodes through my body. This was the Shadow's
final confrontation. All other beings began to vanish. Ilana from the bed, then Sil from his position at a nearby
window. The bellhop, Frederick, enters the room and vanishes. The door to the room remains open, beckoning
me onward. A new nightmare ensues. A hallway that stretches into eternity. My life is the final piece of Ted...
A blotch of darkness forms at the center of the infinite hallway and utters a high-pitched laugh. It echoes through
the corridor and slams into me with tremendous force. I hurtle through infinity and crash against a wall at the end
of the hallway. A portrait of Ted holding the legendary crashes to the floor in front of me.

(    If you believe Micah, anything is possible.)

    Micah reaches out toward the one dimensional cut-out of Ted's hand holding the legendary. He tears the book
from the cut-out hand, but the book remains one dimensional. On the back of the book, faded text is still visible.


The Tome

     Within the infinite there is one door.
Within the infinite there is death.
One door leads to life and the guide to
finding the key. May your travels and
journeys be safe. Hardships and
tribulations will arise during your
quest, but you must be strong.
Conquer evil, and avenge your sorrows.


    The book falls onto the image of Ted's hand, and the painting of Ted vanishes. I still feel Ted's presence guiding
my quest. A warm breeze of a memory, pushing me toward the ultimate goal... the legendary. I am pushed thousands
upon thousands of miles and past millions of doors leading to death.

(    I have helped you find the door. Only you can open it and step through. From here, I can help you no further.)

    I am suddenly stopped in front of a door. The small wedge of space under the door glows a bright white. I stand in
front of the door and place my hand upon the handle. Turning the handle, I push the door open and walk into the
blindingly white light within the room. The door slams shut behind me, and the intense light vanishes leaving utter
darkness. I had been transported by that white room, and now I stood in the center of a room filled with red doors.
My only aide in this room is four characters on each wall. An ancient text in a pre-war Tedlandic dialect. A language
I had tried to learn from Ted during our first years on Tedland.


Four Translations

Eight doors within are.
Four are certain death.
Three are possible death.
Death surrounds one life.

    Seven doors around and one in the floor. If life is surrounded by seven death, the door in the floor must lead to life.


     Hampron stands before a mirror that reflects back the image of a closed door. He has tried to open the door many
times, but doesn't know that in mere moments Micah will come flying through it. The knob turns, and Hampron steps
back, falling down into a chair. The door creaks open and Micah crashes out of the mirror.

    "Hello Micah!"

    "Hampron, didn't you die?"

    "Not really. I had to find a way to help you, but not be threatened by the Shadow that was following you. I believe
the bet was to find the legendary, yes?"

    "Do you have it?"

    "Ted was right, you have gotten sharper. It is on the table behind you. Take it and banish the Shadow. Once you
do, Sil and the Tardais should arrive here shortly thereafter."

     "Thank you."

     "No, I am the one who should be thanking you. This Shadow wasn't after you, it was only using you to get to me."

     I pick up the legendary, and the lights flicker for a moment. The Tardais appears against the far wall and Sil steps
out with Ilana. Both of them stare around and seem puzzled. Sil runs toward me, but before he can speak, the Shadow
broadcasts one last thought.

(    You have won Micah. I am now unable to remain in this space. We will meet again.)

     "Micah what happened? I was with Ilana working in the Tardais, and suddenly the Tardais was here. Who's voice was that?"

     "My last enemy made a bet that I couldn't refuse. A bet that I just won. He brought you both here. We're on Tedland again."

     "Now that Ilana is safe, she can now return to her own timeline."

     Ilana fades away, and Sil's attention returns to viewing the surroundings. His eyes glaze over momentarily in thought.

     "What now Micah?"

     "We say goodbye to Hampron, and begin our quest for the pieces of the translation."

     "Goodbye, may your quest be short and your victory be long."

     "Farewell Hampron."

     Sil and Micah enter the Tardais to begin their quest. The Tardais dematerializes, and Hampron waves one last time.
Moments later, the Tardais rematerializes on a foggy cobble-stoned street.


     Micah and Sil exit the Tardais. A ragged man in a blood-soaked overcoat crashes into Micah. Sil utters a cry of
surprise and falls down. Micah and the ragged man stand transfixed to the spot. Moments later, he collapses unconscious.
A clear patch appears in the fog, and a red-glowing castle materializes on a hill at the far end of town. The clear patch
fades, and the two are once again enveloped in fog.

     "Micah, I can't see you, where are you? There you are, what happened to him?"

     "I'm not sure, he's definitely unconscious though."

     "Do you know where we are?"

     "Looks like the intersection of Baker and Elm street. Two twenty one is down that way."

     "What's the significance of two twenty one?"

     "It's where some famous detective was supposed to have lived."

     "Oh, is that where we're going?"

     "No, I have a feeling that we're going up to that castle over there."

     "Is the Tardais going to be in the way sitting there in the middle of the street?"

     "Probably. There's a perfect spot for it against that building there."

     "What now?"

     "We go to this tavern that I know of several blocks over."

     "What's it called?"

     "The Three Crippled Drunks."

     "Oh. Sounds fun."

     Sil pushes the Tardais off the curb, and against the nearby building. He rejoins Micah, and they walk off into
the fog. Several minutes later, they stop in front of a tall brick establishment with a large lamp-lit sign hanging
above the door. The sign depicts one man with a leg missing, a man missing one arm and a man missing both
arms. Below that, printed in a dark yellow guild are the words "The Three Crippled Drunks." They enter the
establishment, and are greeted by a burly Irishman.

     "A fine evenin' to you. Welcome back to the Three Crippled Drunks Micah. Your usual?"

     "Sure. Half and half with a hint of aerated water."

     "One extra tall cherry and grape with a hint of aerated water. Can I ask a question?"

     "Yes I know you've tried it, and yes it'll be a hit in a few years. You forgot the ice again."

     "Oh, sorry. Here's your room key. Number seven as usual. How long you plannin' to stay?"

     "A day or so. Here's a pound, keep the change."

     "Thank ya' and goodnight sirs."

     "Goodnight Yern."


     Far above the low creeping fog, a dark castle sits atop the nearby hill. A shadow of a man stands in front of a
window looking down into the fog. His senses tell him to return to his work, but something else tells him about
strangers in the city who are searching for him. He moves away from the window after several minutes, and resumes
his work. He sits down at his computer and begins typing rapidly, carefully scanning a large blueprint. Finishing, he
pushes a button and a test simulation begins on the computer monitor. It shows a large faded piece of text appears
in the center of the simulated room. A small meter appears to one side of the text, the title bar on the meter reads
"Physicality." The meter rises to eighty percent, then falls and bottoms out. The man stares at this, and curses
under his breath. He stares at the blueprints again and makes several marks on it with a red pen, then goes back
to typing. He stops moments later, and returns to the simulation screen. The physicality bar rises to twenty percent,
then slowly inches upward. He stares at it excitedly while it continues to rise past thirty and forty. It creeps slowly
past fifty, but surges past sixty and seventy before slowing to a crawl at eighty. He becomes ecstatic as the meter
begins to slowly and decimally creep upward again. He rolls his chair over to a nearby table and removes several
chips from a circuit board. He places the circuit board back inside a tower filled with other similar sized circuit
boards. Standing up, he walks over to a control panel and stops. A shadow of a man stands in a far darkened
corner. The shadow steps into the light, and the scientist screams.


     Micah sits in the windowsill staring up at the castle. Sil watches Micah intently while he seems to see what's
going on in the castle.

"Can you see what's going on up there?"

     "Only what's going on in that window. It's a clear sight-line from here. I think a vampire just killed a man up there,
then he turned into a bat and disappeared."

     "A vampire?"

     "Yes, the sub-race of humans that have feral properties."

     "The first clue mentions a hill and a fog clouded land. The segment will appear from the technology of a man killed
by the teeth of a cat."

     "That sounds like the castle over there."

     "Does, doesn't it?"

     "Yes. We'll go at dawn."

     Micah continues to stare up at the nearby castle pondering the recent events. All of the lights in the castle glow red
and a pair of yellow eyes appear above the castle seeming to search for something. Sil meets the yellowed eyes' gaze
and for a brief moment Sil's eyes glow yellow. He stands, and quietly slips out of the room. The yellow eyes vanish, and
Micah returns to reality fully aware of Sil's absence. He looks down into the fog and sees one lone figure walking toward
the castle. The figure stops and turns around facing up toward Micah. All that Micah can see is a pair of yellow eyes in
the dense fog. Shocked, Micah falls out of the windowsill and lands hard on the floor.



     A severely battered Tardais lands at the intersection of Baker and Elm. In the shadows, a dusty Tardais sits as a
reminder of Micah's capture in the castle. Ted exits the Tardais in a bright blue suit. He stares around a moment, then
decides to change his clothes. He steps out a moment later in a dark brown overcoat smoking a pipe. He coughs a
moment and throws the pipe into the alley. The embers in the pipe ignite a pile of trash revealing the dusty Tardais.
Ted mutters a moment, and stares at the Tardais in the shadows. He enters the dusty Tardais and paces around the
control panel.

     "Where is Micah, computer?"

(    Emergency message to first being with energy pattern equal to E57G4 or DNA of 57432691.
     Checking pattern... Do you wish to continue?)


(    Micah has been captured by an unknown in the nearby castle. Spend the night in the nearby inn with a
     view of the castle to size up the situation. End message.)

     The room shakes for a moment, and Ted exits the dusty Tardais. Where his battered Tardais once stood, Ted's
Tardais has been obliterated. A few shards of a control panel remain, are crushed under foot before Ted walks off into
the fog. Several minutes later Ted stands below the same sign that Micah and Sil saw five years previously. Ted enters
the establishment and meets the burly Irishman.

     "A fine evenin' to you, Theodore. Your usual?"


     "One extra tall cherry and grape with a hint of aerated water. Can I ask a question?"


     "How can you like that stuff?"

     "It's something that I happened on by chance. I run a winery that my family has owned for generations. One afternoon
a barrel of grape-cherry juice spilled into my carbonation machine and created a very tasty drink."

     "Oh. Your usual room is ready."

     "Thank you Yern. Oh, you forgot the ice again."

     "Sorry I can never seem to remember that. Good night sir."

     "Good night Yern."

     Ted enters room number seven and sees a bag that he remembers quite well. A flicker of Micah appear from the
past, sitting in the window. Micah leaves the window and walks over to the bag. He pulls out a tracking pin and stuffs
it inside a service panel. He reaches into the bag again and removes the tracker. He checks it for a moment and places
it back into the bag. The flicker of Micah disappears. Ted reaches into the bag and removes the tracker. He stares up at
the castle, and sits in the windowsill pondering the current situation. A haze of purple darkness encircles the castle and
Ted is awoken several hours later by Yern's voice at the door. Before answering him, he mutters to himself.

     "I'm getting too old to sleep like that."

     "Theodore, like some breakfast?"

     "Sounds good, what's on the menu?"

     "Flapjacks and milk, how many I put you down for?"

     "What's the house record?"

     "Twenty of my largest, like to try for the record?"

     "Put me in for twenty seven."

     "See you in the challenge room when you're ready."

     "Be down in five."

     Ted carefully extricates himself from the windowsill and slowly walks across the room. He stands in front of a mirror
and mutters a chant. He finishes, then washes his face. His eyes glow a bright white and he walks down to the challenge
room. The room is filled with people, and at the far end a raised table with an empty seat. Yern stands next to the table
and beckons Ted to join him. Ted sits in the center seat. Twenty seven flapjacks sit on a plate at each space.

     "You'll have two stiff competitors. Biff here is a three hundred pound strong arm who made the last record of twenty-one.
Your other competitor is Sam. Sam here, he nearly broke twenty. He passed out halfway through nineteen. May the
hungriest man win. One hour time limit begins... now."

     After the hour is up, Sam is unconscious on the floor. Seven flapjacks remain on his plate. Biff is leaning back in his
chair with four flapjacks on his plate. Ted leans back and reveals several small crumbs remaining on his plate. He grabs his
cane and slowly stands up.

     "Have I won?"

     "Seems so. Congratulations, you're the first one to beat Biff in four years. The last one who beat Biff also liked your
interesting drink. Is Micah a relative of yours?"

     "He's my younger brother. I fear that an evil force has taken him hostage."

     "May both English and Irish gods guide your quest. May the spirits of Doirse Emna protect you from the evil of which
you speak. May Androcles be a beacon in the darkness."

     Ted leaves the inn and another flicker of the past appears. Micah walks defiantly toward the castle and vanishes.
The dark haze envelops the tower and a chill runs through the air. A forked tongue of lightning streaks through the dark
haze. Ted raises a hand as the lightning streaks toward him. He swiftly brings his hand down, and the lightning stops.
After a moment, Ted smiles lightly and mutters to himself again before walking onward to the castle. Several minutes
later he stops in front of a flaming drawbridge. He mumbles again, the flames turn to ice. He walks closer, and they melt
away. Entering the courtyard, Ted is suddenly surrounded by cat-people. He draws a circle around himself with his cane,
and mumbles again. The circle intricately weaves around the cat-people, they stop their advance and fall unconscious to
the ground. Ted pulls out his pocket-watch and stares at the time. After a moment, the hands stop and begin to rapidly
spin backward. Time itself stops for a moment and reverses itself. Time returns to five years earlier. The sky goes
completely dark, and a heavy fog sets in. Micah walks out of the fog and crashes headlong into Ted.

     "Ted? What are you doing here?"

     "I came to help you."

     "My friend is in there, you still up to doing magic?"

     "No large spells, I tend to tire easily in my old age."

     "You're the original Ted aren't you?"

     "No. I'm Ted9. A future image sent here to make sure that you retrieve all of the pieces. I've got to sit down. My last
spell wore me out more than I had expected."

     "I saw you die on Aaermos. Hampron's viewer showed you battling the Shadow. In killing the Shadow, you sacrifice
yourself to save me."

     "When I killed the enemy, I sacrificed my life to ensure his death. In doing so, I somehow invoked a deep magic from
the non-time. My great spell is the last piece of magic I now possess. For this spell to work, I must stand on the highest
point of the castle."

     "I haven't used my wings in several thousand years. I'll try and get us up there."

     Micah removes his old dusty gray shirt revealing a pair of ancient metal wings deploying from his back. A momentary
electrical crackle runs through the antigravity wing motors as they attempt to power up. Micah opens a service panel and
reconnects several loose wires. The motors hum for a moment, then begin to engage. Micah rises into the air and Ted
carefully sits down on Micah's feet. Together, they rise up through the fog toward the uppermost tower. Several moments
later, Micah hovers high enough for Ted to hop off and land solidly on the tower roof. Micah slowly descends and lands
next to Ted.

     "I cannot ask you to assist me in casting this spell, nor do I think that you are fully capable of comprehending it."

     "I have trained under your guidance for many years. May our powers be joined in this spell."

     "Skies of the purest blue and fields of the brightest green. An evil stands below me. May this evil tremble at your might."

     Ted's eyes begin to glow a bright white again, and Micah reaches out toward him. Their hands join, and the brightness
envelops the whole castle. Within the castle, dark evil is also enveloped in the light. The two forces mix, and leave the castle.
Several minutes later, all of the people return to normal. Ted's balance fails him, and he falls from the tower. Far below in the
fog, Ted hits the ground with a heavy thud. From below, Ted shouts back up to Micah.

     "Thanks, I needed that. Been trying to fix this bad leg for a century now."

     "Glad to be helpful. I got to find my friend. He's in there somewhere. I'll join you out front in an hour."

     "Good luck, I don't think my magic killed all of the evil. I can feel it growing strong again."

     Micah opens the door in the roof and descends into darkness. Darkness thickens, becomes corporeal. Micah walks
toward the heart of the evil, the evil becomes a sticky feeling that hangs in the air. Micah uses the feeling to guide him to
the center of the evil. Micah stands in a room, the evil around him gathers in the center of the room. A cloud of pure
darkness forms, the figure of a man appears. The figure solidifies into the form of Sil.


     "Yes. I still feel Sil hopelessly fighting me. If you kill me, you kill your friend..."

     "Maybe he just needs a little help."

     The black aura surrounding Sil solidifies for a moment, then is extinguished. Sil stands completely blank for a
moment, then collapses to the ground.

     "Micah, is it gone?"

     "From here it is. Evil never dies though, it just moves on toward other unsuspecting worlds."

     "I found what we came here for, it's in there."

     Micah enters the next room and steps over the dead doctor on the floor. The simulation screen blinks with the
words "Simulation Complete." A red engage button blinks on a nearby panel. He walks over, and pushes the button.
A staging area in the center of the room flickers to life. The fuzzy image of a piece of stone appears. Fully materializing,
the piece slowly lowers to the surface of the staging area. The system deactivates, and the piece of stone rises into the
air. It glows yellow for a moment, then disappears. Micah and Sil leave the castle, rejoining Ted out in front of the castle.
The three companions disappear into the fog. Several minutes later, the Tardais dematerializes back into space.

     "The next segment is disguised as the Atharva Veda. Marked in pencil is a group of numbers. {3, 17, 4, 39, 402, 9}"

     "A black hole in the Zolfa sector..."