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    "A mirage in the desert can cause one to lose their way... His entry continues briefly and becomes scrawled.
At the bottom, the rest is covered with blood."

    "Headmaster Jhan?"

    "During class call me Micah. Your question?"

    "What does all of that have to do with the onslaught of the Magic War?"

    "Everything. You see, the Magic War wasn't even a war at all. It was later classified as a war due to the
indeterminable loss of lives during that period of time. This journal was one of the few texts fully documenting
this event. Any other questions?"

    "Yes. Micah, who wrote this journal? Did he survive through the so-called war?"

    "To answer both questions, the author of the journal stands before you. Tomorrow we will continue our
discussion on the involvement of magic in wars, class dismissed."

    The room empties and Micah remains alone in the now empty room. The balance of power sways again.
Shadows form from the shapeless spaces. Shadows that once were corporeal and had substance. Things
that will always remain behind... things one can never truly see. Shadows of loss and sorrow from the past,
filling the empty hours of night. Micah stares blankly into the nothingness for a time, and then promptly
vanishes. Appearing again in his robotics lab, he puts the finishing touches on an android vaguely similar to
his once corporeal friend Sil. Remnants of Sil's old body lie in a pile nearby. Micah finishes the new android
by placing the last pieces in their proper places.

    "What happened Micah?"

    "The Tardais crash-landed on Earth. Ted9 died and you were structurally damaged. I had to rebuild most
of your body. The Tardais was completely destroyed."

    From the other side of the room, a rumbling noise erupts from inside a huge wooden crate on the other side
of the room. Micah glances at Sil for a moment and cautiously walks across the room to the crate. He reaches
out and carefully touches the crate. The crate crumbles into small pieces on the floor seconds later. The Tardais
stands tall and for the most part, looks relatively new.

    "I thought the Tardais was destroyed?"

    "This isn't the same one. This one looks brand new."

    Micah instinctively reaches out and touches the Tardais door. His hand presses against it for a moment, and
the door clicks open. Micah pokes his head inside the Tardais for a moment and comes back out. He kicks the
remnants of the crate aside and laughs.

    "What's so funny Micah?"

    "You won't believe what I found inside."


    "A note from myself. A thank you note from the self who I saved in the Bermuda Triangle. I remember that he
had to return to his own time-stream and continue his task at hand. Didn't really realize that he was going to do this..."

    "Guess he decided to return the favor."

    "Guess so."

      Micah and Sil carry the Tardais up to Micah's room. Micah pushes the Tardais into a corner of the large living
area and Sil sits down on a nearby couch. Micah lies down on the sofa across the room and picks up an old torn
copy of some unknown book. The hours pass by and every so often, Micah glances over the top of the book at Sil.
Morning arrives and Micah stares up at the window. The sun shining in casts a bright warm semicircle of light on
the floor in the middle of the room. After a moment, Micah puts a bookmark in the book and leaves it on the couch
before walking to the door.

    Micah and Sil walk into a classroom full of waiting students several minutes later. Standing behind his desk for
a moment, Micah pulls back his chair and sits down.