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    Time and space have no meaning to me anymore. Before I continue, I must first tell you how
I became what and who I am. I am Micah, named after the ship I was found in. The planet Aaermos,
from which my journey began, was only part of a larger whole. I was, in fact, part of a greater being
named Ted. I am part of a thing, and also it's creator. It makes no sense I'm sure, but time is like a
piece of cloth. Somehow I am not only a single strand, but the whole piece of cloth as well. Previous
to this, I called myself human. At length, I had no knowledge of the race I belonged to. Even today, I
have no knowledge of what race I belong to. Hampron showed me what I am and what I've become.
I have seen the beginning of creation. My time-line ended on the ship Zychron, from which Ted's
journey began. I wander time/space, a non-existent being, a traveler in the great wide open.

    The Tardais has brought me to a darkened ship, from what I can tell its name is The Crestfallen.
The place seems deserted, unused, devoid of any sound at all. My first task, find the lights.
Somewhere deep in the belly of the ship, a generator kicks in and the lights in the corridor flicker to
life. Voice activated? Didn't matter, I could now clearly see the position of the Tardais and the nearest
door. The door, slightly ajar, looked as if someone left in quite a hurry.

    Printed in plain block-style letters, a singular word "BRIDGE." It was as good a bet as any that I'd
find out where I was, where I was going, where I had been, and most importantly where the crew were.
Ship's Logs, sounds promising. The ship is most probably from Tedland or one of the nearby planets.
From the looks, all the crew and any passengers are now gone. Current maps, they ought to tell me
where we are. Odd? The Quazar System, Sector 5. My god, the Zychron is near here somewhere.



    What's the chance that I run into this ship again?

    "Hello, this is a survivor aboard the ship Zychron. A comet destroyed my original ship, and I had boarded
the Zychron in an exploratory mission. I hoped that someone was alive, but all I found was some old recordings.
Whoever was here is long-gone. No remains anywhere, not a trace. If there is anyone out there, please help."

    "Hello. This is Micah, currently aboard the Crestfallen. What is your name and what planet do you call home?"

     "My name is Xavius Jhan. Last of the great and mythical race, Xvantos. My great, great grandfather Theodore
Jhan left a message to me. It told of a time machine named Taruis, Tarais, or something like that. Can I board
your vessel?"

    "Yes. Come on in, I'm in the Bridge on level 19."

    I was joined by Xavius a short while later when he entered the Bridge.

    "You seem to know all about me, but I don't know much about you. I do know that you are aboard a Tedlandic
ship named Crestfallen and that your first name is Micah. Would you care to enlighten me on who you really are
and how you came to be here?"

    "I consider myself as a great friend of Ted and for a short time, his father Ikor. I was taken in by Ted and I learned
all of the magic he subsequently taught me. My original name is Zhermos. In Cassonian it means part of another.
I didn't know what it meant until I learned that a version of Ted is a distortion of myself. Throughout time, I have been
named Micah Jhan."

    "My grandfather, Ricky and my father Hampron. Do you know them?"

    "Throughout my adventures, yes I know them. I also know what they stand for and many of their secrets. Obviously
not in this ship. The engines look as if they've been blown completely off. I arrived in my Tardais. My time machine, at
the moment, is out of power. It'll take at least a week for it to be flyable."

    "Well, a week aboard this derelict, what fun. The Zychron is nearly dead, but the power in this ship is at 90%.
Can we transfer?"

    "Yes. However, I'm going to download the maps first. I'm sure that will take at least a day. The power uplinks may
take three days at max. Keep your eyes on that monitor, make sure nothing tries to sneak up on us."

    "What's the matter with it, nothing's showing up on the screen?"

    "I wouldn't, but I think someone deliberately trashed it. Something happened on this ship, I don't know what quite yet.
Something went right through that door. All the crew gone, and yet the power still works. The engines blown to bits.
Reconnect those two wires, see if that makes the screen work."

    As Xavius reconnects the wires, a loud beeping erupts from the console and the screen becomes active.

    "Well according to this, I found the crew and something roughly the size of... really large. Take a look for yourself."

    "That is... big! Let's get the crew before that thing does."


    "Stay here. If that thing comes beyond this marker, go into my Tardais and shut the door."

    I left the room and the hall that I had previously explored to go into an area with no idea what I was up against.
Ten crew, and a very large mysterious something. Also adding into account that I had run into my past, my day
wasn't as odd as what it became when I opened a door. Ten bodies were plastered several inches off the floor on
the wall. The two at the end were still struggling against their bonds, the other eight looked like husks. Whatever
did this must be very nasty. I began cutting through the goo, but stopped suddenly when I heard footsteps.

    "My god what are you doing? Do you want to kill us all? Get out of there, you can't help them. The newest two
tried to save the others, but were caught."

    This man looked ragged, almost as if he had been hiding. I saw truth in his eyes and I followed him out.
He promptly turned and locked the door.

    "I hope you have a ship. I want to leave this horrible abominatable ship before I end up like them. When we leave,
I'll detonate the bombs in the warp core and nothing in this ship will survive."

    "I'm sorry, but we can't leave until my ship is recharged. It may take a day or more. What was that in there, and
are there more?"

    "I don't know."

    "If I found a way to increase transfer, I'd be able to get us out of here sooner."

    "I have a way. We have to bring the warp core to full power. Go increase your input lines and I'll bring the core online.
If I'm not back in an hour, leave without me and blow the ship."

    "Good luck!"

    "The same to you."

    He walked off in one direction and I walked off in the other. I stood guard at the Bridge door.

    "Xavius, keep a tab on this guy. What's our energy level in the Tardais?"

    "He's near the warp core. I'm upping the input. We're now at 34% and gaining. He's brought the core online."

    "Xavius, are those things still contained?"

    "No, there's one behind him. Oh god..."


    "He's been killed by one of those... those things. Get in here now! Those things are coming. Right now they're
on level 15 and rising. We're at 83 %. They're on 16 and still rising. Wait, looks like our friend isn't dead. He's coming
up behind them, and killing 'em off!"

    "Go inside the Tardais Xavius."

    I saw them coming into the level. He took aim and began mowing them down from behind. He killed all of them
except one. The thing was still standing... He filled that vile creature with all of the ammo he had.

    If he couldn't kill it here, it would have to be done in space.

    "Xavius, ready for take-off."

    "How's it going out there?"

    "Not good. I got one who doesn't want to go down. I want ship control on this trigger. We take off, the other ship
blows five seconds after."

    "It's set. I also got a lifeline held in the floor in here. We'll lose him in Tardais decompression during dematerialization.
The red button activates take-off and a five second bomb delay. The green one activates the doors, and compression."

    "Okay, lets do it."

    He was inside. Just a moment longer, and he pushed the red button. He was safely grounded, but our vile intruder was
sucked out... The doors closed, the control room repressurized, and then the other ship exploded. Xavius rejoined us in the
control room, and we traveled on...


    "Micah, we've got a problem."

    "What kind?"

    "Our core is mutating. Start up secondary power. It's experimental, but at least it's a better chance than to deal
with another one of those things."

    "After I start the IRIS, lower the core into it. All energy should transfer to the IRIS, I only hope it doesn't mutate."

    I unlocked the panel and pushed the activation button. The IRIS started. It had a faint eerie blue glow and as the
core was lowered into it, the glow began to intensify.
The IRIS glow intensifies a moment before activating. It finishes
activating, and we were now ready to travel onward.

    "Micah, did it work? Did we kill it?"

    "I hope so. Our energy readings are normal, containment is normal. I think it's working quite well. We're the only
three beings I'm picking up on my screens."

    "Where to?"

    "I'm not sure."


    The Tardais shudders a moment and begins to change course. No one notices the course change, and the three
continue to debate on where to go. On the far distant Tedland, two shadows focus their power toward the Tardais controls.

    "Hey, who set the coordinates?"

    "Not me... Xavius?"

    "Not me... Micah?"

    "Well... None of us set them, so who or what did?"

    "Well whoever it is, whatever it is..."

    "Yes, I hope so too."

    "We're landing."


    "TedCastle, in the heart of Tedland."

    "I only know one person who would call us to TedCastle... Ted..."

    "Ted? But isn't he..."

    "Dead, I'm not sure... I thought so. Xavius, and... What's your name by the way?"

    "Sorry, I'm Ravik. Dr. Ravik."

    "Xavius, Ravik... Let's see if it actually is Ted."

    We exited the Tardais and were greeted by two very realistic ghosts. Ted, and Bigbunny... We were far
underground in what felt like the underneath of TedCastle. The cavern consisted of a group of tall and rather
large stone slabs erected in a circle.


    "Hello Micah. We have called you home because we need your help. Ravik is needed elsewhere."

    The tops of the stones shimmered, and Ravik faded away. The stones returned to normal and Ted returned
his gaze toward us. Bigbunny's image flickers and disappears. Ted's image wavers a moment, before he
begins speaking

    "Micah, Xavius... We have little time, but I will tell you where you are and why you are here. You are at the
Walls of Spartaeen, the mystic balance between Earth and Tedland. Someone has unbalanced the Walls on
the other side. I can prevent the unbalance from disrupting Tedland. You must find who has unbalanced the
Wall on the other side. You must find the tablet and recite the Ancient Spell of Rightening.

I declare, in time of darkness I bring light.
Eso Alvae Undoo Ariek Dunjadai.
In place of sanctuary, these Walls hold magic formed at the dawn of time.
Endo Antavar Undorsuv Alreknought Dehunar.
End this spell and all is righted.
Adjun Canta Ventaldru Espa."

    "How could I possibly remember a spell this complex Ted?"

    "Micah, your true name Zhermos, means part of a whole. You are part of me, and I a part of you. When the
time comes, my voice shall call out the spell through your mind and voice. Go now, to Earth. Xavius, you must
protect Micah from any danger that he himself cannot protect against."