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The Darkness

The world is getting confusing,
harder, stranger.

Yet something is forming there,
growing rapidly into the dark
corners, slipping away with-
out a sound. So has the end
come to this deathly cloud
of cold and darkness. Something,
nothing, a probable cause,
something is there running,
fleeing. Something there not
seen not heard, but a shimmer of
its presence exists. Something is
there but I don't see it. As long
as I, and you know it's there the
future and the past are seen
slightly out of the corner of our
eye. Something again appears
from the mist today. I guard the
gate between the world of good
and evil. I alone hold the key to
lock gate. No magic can make
this key move, only my hands
good, soft can move the key.
It all ends here.